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Layer Residence by Schola Architecture

September 8, 2015 Modern House Design

Description of Layer Residence from Schola Architecture :
The existing home is part of a standard San Clemente neighborhood developed in the 50′s. Our design direction was to provide a studio and garage addition as well as provide exterior living spaces to blur the line between indoor and outdoor living. Our design strategy converted the enlarged garage roof into a roof deck. The new studio addition was designed with a roof deck as well and provided some much needed outdoor living space at the upper level of the existing home. In addition, by placing the new studio lengthwise along a new semi-private courtyard was formed at the ground level. The new studio faces the courtyard with sliding glass doors and a concrete floor allowing this space to flow out seamlessly to the exterior courtyard. The cantilevering roof deck of the studio provides a view out the ocean around their neighbor, as well as hovering over the new entryway to the home. Cantilevering off of the exposed CMU wall, supporting the studio roof deck, is a steel stair that directs visitors to the upper level and to the entrance of the home.

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Temple Hills Residence by Schola Architecture, Home Addition and Remodel in Laguna Beach, California

June 26, 2015 Beach House Design

Description from Schola Architecture :
The Temple Hills Residence is an addition and remodel to an existing 1940′s post and beam home located in Laguna Beach, California. The existing home is located at the base of an extremely sloping lot. Collaborating with the owner who is a fellow architect and long time colleague added another dimension to the design process, which resulted in a richer design solution.

The solution that followed was one that respected the existing home while experimenting with post and beam construction. The solution would be to place the addition to the rear and uphill from the existing home. The new and old area separated by zone of glass connecting the two. The addition exploits the the modular nature of post and beam construction. The design is anchored to the hillside with a monolithic CMU pillar from which the spaces and structure are pin wheeled off, creating interesting interior and exterior living spaces as well as structural connections.

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