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Searching Luxury Wardrobe Design

August 31, 2014 Furniture, Interior Design, Wardrobe Design

If you want to design your wardrobe, this post might useful for you. This wardrobe design from Carre, a company based in Barcelona. There are corner wardrobe, stylish wardrobe, red wardrobe, sliding wardrobe, luxury White wardrobe, wood finish wardrobe, hinged door wardrobe, semi transparent wardrobe, beige wardrobe and others. How place the wardrobe in your room, which wardrobe suitable with your room. Check bellow,,

Corner wardrobe stylish wardrobe Searching Luxury Wardrobe Design
Corner wardrobe, stylish wardrobe
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S-House by VMX Architects, Three Level House with Bright Yellow Exterior

Modern House Design

VMX Architects consists of two partners: Don Murphy and Leon Teunissen. One of their design is S-House, located one of the island of IJburg. The client is Fam Steen-Boas.
Description of S-House :
Horizontally the house has been divided in three parts. The ground floor is designed as a basement, with the entrance to the house, the storage space, and a large play and hobby room adjoining the garden. On the first floor, the double-high space adjacent to the upturned patio forms the heart of the house: the kitchen. The sitting room, or lounge with a view of the garden and the street, is situated above the kitchen. The top floor of the house is reserved for the bedrooms and bathroom.The facades of the S-house are clad in bright yellow tiles that clearly sets the house apart from all other houses in the same row. Designed by VMX Architects

Interior view of S House by VMX Architects S House by VMX Architects, Three Level House with Bright Yellow Exterior
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BBQ and Landscape Design by Corben Architects

August 30, 2014 Modern House Design

BBQ and Landscape area of Stokes House BBQ and Landscape Design by Corben Architects

This one of work of Corben Architects, this house has rear landscaped garden has an extensive under cover BBQ area for al fresco dining and a tiled wet edge tiled swimming pool located at the rear of the garden to provide a fantastic backdrop. Read more…

Family House in Nikaia, Greece by Christina Zerva Architects

Modern House Design

This house was designed by Christina Zerva Architects, located in Nikaia, Greece.

Family House in Nikaia Greece by Christina Zerva Architects Family House in Nikaia, Greece by Christina Zerva Architects

Description from Architect;
The house consists of two cubic forms, a living and a sleeping area, connected by a glass bridge. Steel constructions form the skeleton of the object wrapped by prefabricated organic blocks that act as perfect insulation during warm summers and cool winters typical for this region. Intersections of geometrical shapes,huge volumes and transparent surfaces that offer a great view. Read more…

Google’s New Vivid Office Interior in London

August 29, 2014 Interior Design

Google’s New Vivid Office Interior in London Google’s New Vivid Office Interior in London

Google is the company’s top-class world, the office many, spread all over the world. The office was nice, one of them like this, Office in London, with vivid office interior design.

According to Freshome:
All Google offices around the world can be characterized by originality and out-of-the-box staff interaction ideas. This particular project was developed by architecture firm Scott Brownrigg and is located in London. As seen on Dezeen, the total space of the office is 40,000 sq ft and the theme behind the design is Brighton beach. Here are further details from Google: “Brightly coloured timber beach huts are meeting rooms and giant colourful dice accommodate individual video conference booths, original dodgem cars and traditional red telephone booths are all work spaces available to staff and visitors. Open plan workstations for all staff are mixed with a few offices, meeting rooms and open break out seating areas and support spaces for printing and IT technical support. Scott Brownrigg Interior Design has designed a fully fitted out gym/shower facility, massage and spa treatment centre, and an Asian Fusion/Sushi restaurant that is free for all staff. What a fantastic way to gain the loyalty of your employees!
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