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Changi House with Open and Permeable Living Space with Direct Relationship to the Surrounding Nature

March 4, 2015 Modern House Design

Changi House by Formwerks Architects
Description From Architects:
Given the need to house a multi-generational family of eleven within a relative small footprint, the key objective was to create open and permeable living space with direct relationship to the surrounding nature, while at the same time, designing for privacy. The floor plates were staggered to pack in more rooms and free up more area for communal spaces. The strategically placed circulation spine defines the threshold between the extroverted communal and introverted spaces.

Plan Design Changi House by Formwerks Architects Changi House with Open and Permeable Living Space with Direct Relationship to the Surrounding Nature
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Flyway View House by Jon Anderson Architect

March 3, 2015 Contemporary House Design

Jon Anderson Architecture is an award winning architectural firm specializing in the innovative and progressive design of residential and commercial projects in the Southwest. The firm is setup around an architectural design studio philosophy dedicated to producing the highest quality product possible. An experienced staff with a complete understanding of current methodology, technology and materials allows for an unparalleled level of creativity, affordability and sustainability.

Flyway View House is one of their residential project. Located in Albuquerque, New Mexico. Flyway View House has 4,590 s.f.,this is a private residence. More…

Archibeck Residence by Jon Anderson Architect

Flyway View House by Jon Anderson Architect Flyway View House by Jon Anderson Architect
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How to Prevent Water Leakage in Building Your New Home

Home Improvement

Water leakage in our home is a common problem that most of us faces. This can happen because of a lot of reasons. If a house is quite old and proper repairing or maintenance work is not done, it can lead to water leakage. It can also happen that because of a crack in the pipe the water is seeping through the walls thereby making the walls damp. It is often said that the bathroom is one of the most common places where water leaks takes place. As it remains humid and wet most of the time, care should be taken to maintain proper plumbing of your bathroom. Read more…

W-House in IJburg, Amsterdam by VMX Architects

March 2, 2015 Modern House Design

Description from the Architects :
The Walta-Elmers family commissioned VMX Architects to design their house on ‘Kleine Rieteiland’, one of the islands of IJburg. The client wanted a spacious, open house with plenty of light. The plot measures 8 by 30 metres. By studying several models, the concept of ‘woonlandschap’ (living-landscape) was chosen.

The ground floor, containing the living and kitchen, in a split level typology, has the possibility to completely open to the outside and thereby create a partly covered living-landscape of 8 by 30 meters. This landscape is articulated with a higher and lower level. Under the higher level a multifunctional cellar is placed. The bedroom level is accessed by a spiral staircase. A round roof-light above the stairs brings light into the living-landscape The facade on the first level is completely closed with patio blocks. This suggests a floating box over the open landscape on the ground level. [ VMX Architects ]

W House by VMX Architects W House in IJburg, Amsterdam by VMX Architects
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Office Interior Design by Rottet Studio

Interior Design

Office Interior Design by Rottet Studio Office Interior Design by Rottet Studio

Are you looking for for your office interior, or want to make a one of room in your house to become a office room?

Rottet Studio has collections about it, like this Artis Capital Management Office Interior. The office was conceived as a “white box.” As the white planes peel away, the materials, textures and colors behind are revealed resulting in a “visually quiet” space which counteracts the constant visual stimulation of multiple computer screens. No walls touch the perimeter and service areas are located around the core, allowing clear views throughout the space of the entire city. Custom carpet emulates water lapping on the shore. A dark gray cleft stone surrounds the entire floor between columns to reinforce the notion of rippling tides at the water’s edge. Along the Bay side, incisions are cut into the white box in the ceiling in a pattern that emulates barges in the Bay. These incisions are carved away to reveal a warm wood material beyond and provide ambient light. The city side is more rigid and orthogonal mimicking the city’s grid pattern. The six small offices double as mini art galleries. A giant door conceals the work area and, when closed, the room is void of visual elements allowing the impressive art collection to be the feature. The lounge-style chairs with matching ottomans allow employees to retreat into their “home” and relax. Source
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