Sunday, May 3, 2015

Creative Alphabet Chairs by Tabisso

May 3, 2015 Chair Design, Furniture

This Alphabet chair, one of product from Tabisso. This chair available from from A to Z and 0 to 9. The chair has creative design and colorful. this chair deserves to be considered, to complement the furniture in your house. These are interesting chair,,,

Alphabet Chairs by Tabisso Creative Alphabet Chairs by Tabisso
Alphabet Chairs by Tabisso
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House with Flexible Spaces at Palms Residence by Ehrlich Architects

May 2, 2015 Modern House Design

This is house with flexible spaces at Palms Residence, designed by Ehrlich Architects. The house expresses a counterpoint between a sense of harmony and tranquility with flowing dynamic spaces. Flexibility and transformation are fully realized trough the use of a wood and steel frame structure, enclosed and shielded for privacy by a rool-down scrim hung on a skeletal steel frame. For further detail visit Ehrlich Architects site.

House with Flexible Spaces by Ehrlich Architects 1 House with Flexible Spaces at Palms Residence by Ehrlich Architects

House with Flexible Spaces by Ehrlich Architects 21 House with Flexible Spaces at Palms Residence by Ehrlich Architects
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How to Revamp Your Bedroom Conveniently and Beautifully

Bedroom Design, Guest Post

Is your old bedroom décor giving you cramps and you are just waiting for the right moment to get on with revamping it? You must have given a thought to different alternatives to give your bedroom a revitalized look, from changing furniture to repainting walls in different shades. Changing the furniture seems more hectic, costly and time consuming, but the truth is that it simply adds a new life to any room up for revamping. However, there is another way to spruce up the look of your beloved bedroom and that is by changing the bed, which without any doubt, is the centerpiece of a bedroom and can simply make a bedroom shine. In doing so, leather beds can be your best bet. Replacing your old bed with a faux leather beds can totally uplift the ambiance of your bedroom.

Luxury Bedroom How to Revamp Your Bedroom Conveniently and Beautifully
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Renovating Your Dream Bedroom

May 1, 2015 Bedroom Design, Guest Post

Who does not want an appealing bedroom to spend their nights in? Well, you don’t have to dispose of everything you have and start from scratch, because renovating your bedroom to transform it into something special is not as difficult as you might have anticipated. If you spend one-third of your life sleeping, you should do so in a room of your dreams. Not only will a disorganized bedroom hinder your relaxation, but will also affect your health. Especially if your bedroom holds focal significance, you should definitely get it treated and reconditioned.

Dream Bedroom Renovating Your Dream Bedroom
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Luxury Interior Design Ideas

Interior Design

Luxury Interior Design Ideas Luxury Interior Design Ideas

This some ideas to decorate our interior design to become luxury interior. Most people want to have interior like this, but its not cheap and not everybody can design it. Hope this post can help to get ideas in decorating our home interior. For example the family room completed with home entertainment. After working all day we can utilize this room to relax unwind. To decorate the interior as like you want, first step is determine what kind of interior that we want, if you have found we can find references from the internet or magazines.
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