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How To Landscape Your Yard On A Budget

April 26, 2015 Guest Post

The yard is a very important component of any piece of property. If it doesn’t look good, it can greatly reduce curb appeal. However, many people want to have a beautiful yard because it makes them happy.

While it’s easy to spend thousands of dollars on high-end landscaping, it’s also possible for gardeners to landscape on a budget. In fact, basic garden maintenance and conservation can be very effective.

There are plenty of ways to landscape a yard on a budget, and while they work well for gardeners, virtually anyone can use these tips provided by Urban Outsource.
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Green Residence Friendly with Nature

Green House Design

Many things can do to make our homes healthy, because healthy home will make its inhabitants healthy, too. Friendly with nature is one concept which can be selected to create a healthy home. The use of pollution-free materials, use of natural ventilation, natural lighting, will make our home more fresh and healthy.

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Creative Tips for Transforming Your Basement into a Playground

April 25, 2015 Guest Post

When rainy weather or cold, wintery days force your children to play indoors, wouldn’t it be nice for them to have their own playground space rather than having them tear up your living room? If your house has a basement, you can easily use play equipment to transform it into a children’s playground where they can work off their excess energy in a safe environment.


Choose A Good Spot

Take a look at the layout of your basement and determine a specific area that you can turn into an area featuring play equipment for toddlers that is flexible enough to change as your youngsters get older. It’s a good idea to position the playroom within watching distance of the basement TV room or game room so the adults in the household can keep an eye on the kids while you are both enjoying doing your thing in the basement. You can use a folding screen to create a partial division between the adult and children’s spaces.
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Casa Luz, Modern Three-Level Nature Friendly Home in Guatemala City

Modern House Design

Casa Luz is modern three level nature friendly home was located in Guatemala city, Guatemala. Designed by studio Paz Arquitectura with 1&,300 square foot home displays. Thanks to mix of tempered glass, wood and exposed concrete, son eye-catching aesthetic effect can be obtained. This home friendly with surrounding nature by preserved Existing vegetation so that when we open the windows we could have a visual relationship with the existing trees.

Modern Three Level Home Casa Luz, Modern Three Level Nature Friendly Home in Guatemala City

Casa Luz, Nature Friendly Home

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Light House Design in Belper, Derbyshire by Hudson Architects

April 24, 2015 Modern House Design

Light House Design in Belper Derbyshire by Hudson Architects Light House Design in Belper, Derbyshire by Hudson Architects

Built into hillside of Belper and overlooking the Amber Valley, the Light House is most known for its remarkable materiality which becomes progressively light as it extends outward, from solid red stone to timber and then glass. With minimizing energy consumption in residential architecture through the use of low-tech measures such us solar gain and recycled heat. Designed by Hudson Architects.

Light House Design in Belper Derbyshire by Hudson Architects 21 Light House Design in Belper, Derbyshire by Hudson Architects
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