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Luxury Apartment Interior Design

January 6, 2016 Apartment, Interior Design

Luxury apartment interior design
Here are pictures of luxury apartment in Stockholm, Sweden. Initially this is a Plaza-Astoria Cinema, and then renovated into a luxury apartment. This apartment features such cool things as a fire ring, a luxury bathroom with adjoining sauna, a Japanese recreational area, a raised sleeping area, a walk-in closet and a 5 meter high palm-tree. Do you like this apartment? Currently it’s available for sale and for rent. Read more…

Family House in Nikaia, Greece by Christina Zerva Architects

October 1, 2015 Modern House Design

This house was designed by Christina Zerva Architects, located in Nikaia, Greece.

Family House in Nikaia, Greece by Christina Zerva Architects

Description from Architect;
The house consists of two cubic forms, a living and a sleeping area, connected by a glass bridge. Steel constructions form the skeleton of the object wrapped by prefabricated organic blocks that act as perfect insulation during warm summers and cool winters typical for this region. Intersections of geometrical shapes,huge volumes and transparent surfaces that offer a great view. Read more…