Monday, July 28, 2014

5 Tips to Prepare Your Bedroom for the Year 2014

July 28, 2014 Guest Post

It’s the New Year, so it’s time to make some changes. Let’s start with your bedroom and bring it forward in time, because right now it’s stuck in the past. Remodeling your bedroom can have a positive impact on your life. For one, you won’t wake up feeling like a loser. This New Year, transform your life by transforming your bedroom. You may be King of the castle, but your bedroom is the throne room. Here are a few things you can do to update your bedroom for 2014. Read more…

5 Stunning Backyard Designs In your Budget

July 27, 2014 Guest Post

Want to transform your backyard from drab to dazzling? Tired of having no place to entertain guests? Are you working within a limited budget? You’re in luck! There are many affordable ways to create stunning backyard designs without spending a lot of money. Check out these five design ideas and find one that speaks to you!

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6 Amazing Ways You Can Transform A Spare Room Into Something Special

Guest Post

Spare Room Into Something Special 6 Amazing Ways You Can Transform A Spare Room Into Something Special

Do you have any rooms inside your home that you do nothing with? Lots of people usually have one that they go into a few times per week. It maybe gets used as storage space and nothing else. This is one of the biggest mistakes you can ever make because you’re throwing away a chance to make your life better. Do you have any idea how much people wish they had a spare room to do something amazing with? It’s probably more than you can ever imagine and they’d be cursing you if they knew you were wasting a whole room.
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4 Ingenious Ideas To Give Your Garage A Stunning Makeover

July 26, 2014 Guest Post

Do you remember the last time you used your garage to park your car? Bet Not! Apart from a few exceptional cases out there, more often than not, garages are not used to store cars. Most of the times, garages cease to fulfill the purpose they’re built for, ultimately becoming the catchall for all sorts of junk and unwanted items. How about giving your garage a clever conversion and turning it into a more productive and interesting space? Listed below are 4 ingenious ideas that will give you some inspiration to give your unused garage a stunning makeover!

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5 Long-term Storage Ideas for Home or the Office

Guest Post

When it comes to storing things, there are many different options. Whether you want to store your personal belongings, or something belonging to a company, the options are as varied as the things you might want to store. However, some storage options are better than others. If you want to store things for the long-term, consider storing your items in one of the following five places.
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