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Paint Color Rules for Urban Spaces

December 5, 2015 Home Improvement

Mark Brandon loves being in the shed and helping out his friends with home improvement. He contributes regularly to Safe and Sound Property Inspections and other blogs where he shares his expertise. Here, he shares some tips on choosing color for apartment spaces.

Paint Color Rules for Urban Spaces |
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9 Cool Roofs, The Right Choice for a Hot Climate

September 10, 2015 Guest Post

Any homeowner with property in a warm climate knows that they face high summer temperatures. They may not realize the challenges that come from living in hotter temperatures or the challenges a builder must deal with. In warmer climates, people need to consider what they can get from a support provider in their area, including the various advantages that people can get when they install cool roofs for their homes. These are roofs that feature a new technology. This technology will be appealing to many people and can also provide a substantial benefit to anyone who is concerned with the performance of the roof that they already have installed.

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5 Stunning Backyard Designs In your Budget

September 2, 2015 Guest Post

Want to transform your backyard from drab to dazzling? Tired of having no place to entertain guests? Are you working within a limited budget? You’re in luck! There are many affordable ways to create stunning backyard designs without spending a lot of money. Check out these five design ideas and find one that speaks to you!

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Spend Less on Your Home Improvement Plans with 5 Simple Tips

August 27, 2015 Home Improvement

If you are thinking about starting any type of home improvement project in the near future, then you are probably already thinking about your budget. There are five simple tips to help you spend less on your home improvement plans that just might help keep you right on budget.

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How to Care for Gutters and Downspouts

August 16, 2015 Guest Post

When it comes to home improvement and house care projects, gutter and downspout care is often overlooked. That shouldn’t be surprising; cleaning your gutters is not exactly the most glamorous job, and well-maintained gutters aren’t something your neighbors and friends will compliment you on the way they will with your pretty lawn, fresh paint job, or new walkway. Still, despite the fact that cleaning your gutters and downspouts is easily forgotten, it is an important job for any home owner or resident intent on keeping their house in proper condition.

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