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5 Stunning Backyard Designs In your Budget

September 2, 2015 Guest Post


Want to transform your backyard from drab to dazzling? Tired of having no place to entertain guests? Are you working within a limited budget? You’re in luck! There are many affordable ways to create stunning backyard designs without spending a lot of money. Check out these five design ideas and find one that speaks to you!

5 Stunning Backyard Designs In your Budget

Incorporate Decorative Concrete to a Patio Area
More affordable than flagstone, yet available in an array of textures and colors, decorative concrete is an ideal option for a patio or outdoor dining area. You can even use stamped concrete, which adds an extra depth and dimension to any design you choose. Concrete is durable, versatile and comfortable to walk on with bare feet. According to home improvement expert, Bob Vila, it provides a non-slip surface, which is crucial for slippery pool and patio areas. Instead of the traditional square or circular pattern, create geometric patterns and use complementary colors to make the space stand out.

Add Levels
For dimension and style, add levels to your backyard. As suggested by the DIY Network, a once weedy washout of a backyard can be easily converted into a three-level entertainment area. Each level can feature a different natural element, such as bright green grass, crushed gravel or wood chips. Add in a garden to one level and a couple of benches for sitting, and you’ve got yourself a yard everyone will be talking about.

Make Your Own Path
Carve a quaint pathway into the side of a small hill and line it with crushed stone for the perfect meandering spot for relaxing. DIY Network recommends adding a rustic bench to compliment a small garden and a running fountain for a Zen-like spot to sit and contemplate. To complete the look, all you need to do is outline the pathway in large stones and fill it in with wood chips, small stones, rocks or crushed gravel.

Build a Stone Wall
One way to wow guests and add interest to a small garden is to build a simple, stacked stonewall, complete with vines and flowers cascading down the wall. Add an environmentally- friendly touch to this splendid backyard oasis by including a garden walkway, filled with small, recycled, decorative stones. Build a curvy or straight border along the walkway to ensure any added stones stay within the set area and don’t get kicked out of place when people walk on it. Save money through collecting old stones from the woods or edges of your property.

Pergolas for Shade
Pergolas are all the rage right now, but you don’t have to buy or build a huge one to make an impact. According to HGTV, a simple one will do just fine, with a short bench right underneath for sunning or shading. Start a vine on either side of the pergola to add historic charm. A small stone fire pit nearby pulls the rustic outdoor look together.

These simple and affordable projects don’t take long to accomplish and can be fun if you turn them into group projects and involve the whole family. The result is an entertainment area on your patio where guests can gather for summer parties and enjoy the fresh air.

This article was written by home improvement blogger, Jared Miert. As a father and home handyman, he knows how important it is to stay within your budget, and recommends decorative concrete from Austin’s Allied Outdoor Solutions for an affordable solution.


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