Tuesday, January 23, 2018

11 Design Ideas From The F&B Industry That You Can Apply In Your Own Home

Posted by worldhouse on December 15, 2017

Some people go to restaurants because of the food alone. However, for those in the design community, there may be one other motivation: discovering the best design and décor ideas and gaining a chance to study these and replicate them at home.


Over the past years, the growth of the food and beverage (F&B) industry has transformed the culinary landscape around the world. The new age of food and restaurant culture has produced some of the best culinary creations in decades. In addition to this, dining establishments have become a hotbed for cutting-edge, innovative and gorgeous design and decor. Read more…

Exceptional Financing with Home Equity Credit Lines!

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Home equity line of credit now has emerged as a new solution in the realm of finances. A Home equity credit line also referred to as HELOC, is a credit line which is based on a fixed highest amount. Under a home collateral credit line, the customer has the option to be lent any amount to the maximum limit. You can easily pay it back in small regular installments that can be as little as the interests of the funds borrowed and as large as the whole amount. Read more…

Increase Security of Your House with Wireless Home Security

Posted by worldhouse on October 10, 2017

Initially, the home alarms were installed with wires. After installing these alarms, there were wires everywhere running through ceilings and walls, snaking out to secondary and master keypads. People were not happy with these wires, but they were forced to use this system for their security. This system has the major drawback that in case of any damage to a wire, the whole alarm system stops working.
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Considerations You Must Make Before Getting Your Home Extended

Posted by worldhouse on March 27, 2017

For people who want more space around the home, moving house can be a major upheaval in order to gain it. For this reason there are many home owners who opt to have their existing home extended so that they can create additional rooms and spaces within the home, without being forced to sell up and find somewhere new. If you are looking for space in and around the home then here are some of the key considerations which you will need to make. Read more…

How Artificial Grass Can Increase The Value of Your Home

Posted by worldhouse on March 1, 2017

Imagine coming back at home from work or any other place with no stress that there is another task awaiting you to make the compound a task that we all know is boring and time consuming. That would be relaxing, right? Well listen to me as I give you a trick of how to make this imagination a reality. Read more…