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Sinu River House by Antonio Sofan Architecture and Interiors Studio

December 12, 2015 Modern House Design

Located in Montería, Colombia, this exquisite family residence comes from Antonio Sofan Architecture and Interiors Studio and has a unique design in shades of blue. According to the Freshome :
The house was constructed within the Sinu Valley, known as one of the most fertile lands on the globe and has wonderful views of the Sinu River. The construction has a total building area of 500 square meters. Painted in blue and white, its exterior stands out and contrasts the green surroundings while offering a very pleasant sight. A large outdoor pool is said to cool off the warm breeze coming from the near-by river and create an enjoyable atmosphere for the home owners. As we step inside, more surprises await. The interior design is absolutely spectacular, featuring unusual color combination and original furniture ideas and arrangements.  [ Antonio Sofan Architecture and Interiors Studio ]

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How to Combine Colors for the Home Interior | Choose Home Interior Color

July 20, 2015 Interior Design

How to Combine Colors for the Home Interior, Choose Home Interior Color. Combine the color on the interior space can add value. The room can be impressive wider, narrower, lighter, warmer, or more fresh.

Here tips in combine colors for the home interior :
1. Choose colors that can evoke a positive mood and suit your personality. Then, before choosing the color first consider the size of space and material color / upholstery that already exists.

How to Combine Colors for the Home Interior | Choose Home Interior Color

Modern home interior design

2. Consider the effects of existing light, whether sunlight or lamp light. Perform testing paint colors on some parts of the walls of the house first. For example, on an outdoor wall, the wall near the windows, and walls that do not receive direct sunlight.

3. Match the new color of your choice with color frames and wooden doors, if necessary, brush the paint on plywood and hold it in your wood frames and doors.

How to Combine Colors for the Home Interior | Choose Home Interior Color

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4. Do not choose a color just because being in or trends. In addition, if you want to experiment with paint walls, do not try to mix it yourself to get the color choices.

5. Then, when applying color to the room, do not use too many color combinations. Also, do not let the new color instead collide with the furniture that already exists.

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Hot Dog Sofa – Comfortable Sofa by Domodinamica

September 15, 2010 Decorating

The name of Hotdog first came from the long rounded proportions of the layers from the front view but the name may also suggest the slang interpretation of he word meaning a ‘risk taker’ or ‘one that boasts’. The concept derived from the idea of sofa with different layers of cushions with one layer that was split and swung out to create armrest making it work both for 2 people or 3 which seems to be something to boast about.

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