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Home Staging: How to Maximize the Space in Your Studio Apartment by Following These Tips

December 7, 2016 Home Improvement


Clutter can quickly accumulate in a home. Junk mail, magazines, purchases, shoes and small gifts can quickly pile up. In larger homes, these things can be easily tucked out of sight. However, in a studio apartment with little storage space, the area can quickly become cluttered. If you live in a studio apartment, chances are, your closet space has limited storage. How can you maximize your storage space in such a small area?


Let’s take a look at the Swedes. They have mastered layered minimalism to stop clutter in its tracks. With a few simple tricks, you will be able to keep clutter at bay, which will make your apartment feel clean, spacious and organized. Even if you have dozens of sweaters or shoes, you can make your small space work for you. The following nine tips will teach you how to maximize the space of your studio apartment so it remains organized and clutter free.


Creating Hidden storage


One of the most challenging parts of living in a studio apartment is creating storage space. One way to maximize your storage space is use under an under the bed storage system. Another area that can benefit from unique storage strategies is the kitchen. If your cabinets do not extend to your ceiling, use the top of your cabinets to store oversized items, such as platters and cake stands.


Staying Organized


It is easy to forget where you have stored things. One way to remember and stay organized is to create an organizational map. As you put things away, document where you have stored them. When you need an item that you have packed away several months before, all you will need to do is consult your organizational map to know where it is stored.


Separate Your Living Zones


You can maximize the usefulness of your studio apartment by creating separate living zones. Use screens, bookcases, shelving units or even rugs to separate the different areas of your home. This is especially important when defining sleeping quarters and living areas.


Purge It


Anything that is unnecessary or you are not using should be removed from your apartment. This includes articles of clothing, reusable grocery totes and furnishings. If you have not used it, get rid of it. For example, if you do not host dinner parties, do you really need a dozen wine glasses? Do you have beach towels, yet never go to the beach? Get rid of them! It is very easy to accumulate stuff throughout the year. You should purge at least twice a year. If you find items that you do not use, donate them to Goodwill or another charitable organization.


Rotate Your Clothing


In mid-May and late October, you will need to rotate your wardrobe. Pull everything out of your closet and reorganize it. In late October, you will need to place your winter clothes at the front of the closet and your summer items at the back of the closet or in boxes that can be placed in the closet or under your bed. In addition to rotating your wardrobe in your closet, you will need to rotate the clothing in your dressers. Put away bikinis and bring out your tights. Pack up your beach cover-ups, sundresses, shorts and t-shirts. In their place unpack your sweaters, mittens, scarves and hats.


Multipurpose Furnishings


There are many multipurpose furnishings on the market. For example, there are wonderful ottomans that have a storage area under the lid. This is the perfect place to store your extra blankets. If you living room area is small, opt for nesting tables rather than side tables. Nesting tables allow you to store all the tables in a small location. When you need them, you can pull them out and use them. Another option is a daybed. It can serve double duty as a couch. Finally, if you need a desk, why not use your dining table? Change out the dining chairs on one side for a bench with hidden storage for all of your important office files.


Only Buy Perfect Items


A studio apartment is small. This means that every inch of space counts. If you do not really love a piece of furniture, do not buy it. Instead, keep searching until you find the perfect piece. If you have a friend who lives in a studio apartment, ask them where they shop. This can go a long way towards finding studio friendly sized furnishings.


Less is More in a Studio


Knickknacks can make your studio feel cluttered and small. The less stuff in your apartment, the larger it will feel. Choose furniture that is appropriately sized for your apartment. for example, if your apartment cannot handle the size of a traditional coffee table, think outside of the box and opt for a small side table or ottoman to be used as a coffee table. Finally, keep your surfaces bare to help make your apartment feel bigger.


Regular Cleaning


Do you know how good it feels when your apartment is clean? It is because a cleaned space naturally feels better. You should wipe down your counters, put away your clothing, vacuum, dust and remove clutter from your home at least once a week. After you have completed your weekly household chores, take 30 minutes to declutter and reorganize an area in your home. In no time flat, your studio apartment will be organized and clutter free.


Keeping your studio apartment neat and organized does not have to be difficult. For more tips on how to make the most of your living space, check out Key Home Designs


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