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Home Staging: How to Maximize the Space in Your Studio Apartment by Following These Tips

December 7, 2016 Home Improvement

Clutter can quickly accumulate in a home. Junk mail, magazines, purchases, shoes and small gifts can quickly pile up. In larger homes, these things can be easily tucked out of sight. However, in a studio apartment with little storage space, the area can quickly become cluttered. If you live in a studio apartment, chances are, your closet space has limited storage. How can you maximize your storage space in such a small area? Read more…

How to design a studio apartment?

January 7, 2016 Interior Design

A studio apartment is a place which consists on one roof and covers all essential areas of the home. They are often as small as 300 feet and most commonly they are 500 to 600 feet in measurement. They are thought to be an inexpensive place to stay upon. The studio apartment is designed in such a way that it has only one room which has attached bath and a separate corner within the same room having a cabinet or a counter for kitchen stuff.
Such homes are appropriate for the singles, newly married couple, old couples and for those who are away from home because of jobs and study purposes and need a space like home to live.
Now, I am going to express some of the points which will describe you simple and cost effective ideas for decorating your studio apartment.
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