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The Easy Changes You Can Make Around the Home That Will Improve Your Health and Energy Levels

September 11, 2015 Guest Post


Feeling well can make all the difference in your life, and how good your day is going to be can almost always be predicted by how much energy you wake up with when you first bound or groan your way out of bed. Improve your routine, find ways to make yourself healthier, and your day will follow suit…

The problem of course is that it can be hard to make yourself feel better and more energetic, when you feel down. Improving yourself lifestyle requires energy in itself – so if you’re feeling rough and can hardly bring yourself out of bed, then you’ll probably struggle to adopt a new training regime or a new eating plan.

What you need then is something that can break you out of old bad habits and help you to pick up your routine. Here we will look at some of the easy changes you can make around the house that will do just that. By changing just a few elements of your layout and swapping a few of your utilities, you can make a surprising difference in your energy and your feeling of wellness. Read on to learn some tips you can start out with…

A Window and a Chair
For most of us the living room is a place to sit and watch TV. Thus all our sofas and armchairs are pointed directly at the television and that’s what we’re compelled to do as soon as we crash down.
This though will only make you feel more exhausted and more unwell if you are coming home feeling drained. Instead then, make sure you have at least one chair somewhere where it’s not facing a television and perhaps instead facing out a window into your garden. This will give you somewhere to sit and relax where you can take in some natural light and enjoy the greens of your grass and plants, which in turn will help you to unwind when you’ve had a busy day.

Also important is making sure you get a lot of light naturally when you’re doing other things. The cleaner your windows are, the less cluttered your windowsills are – the healthier you’ll feel.

Air Conditioning
Ever find yourself feeling closed in by the heat around you and almost struggling to breath? If the quality of the air in your home isn’t good then this can take a lot of energy out of you and make some of the simplest things difficult.

The purpose of your air conditioning then is to help lower the temperature so that you don’t feel too stuffy, but at the same time to clean the air and let you breathe more easily. What’s also important here is that you install a filter and make sure to clean your ducts out regularly if you have ducted heating to avoid letting dust and grime build up that will then be spread around your rooms.

Also important is to improve your air quality by making sure it doesn’t get too cold – so make sure you use your heating as necessary, and to ensure the humidity is right using a humidifier or dehumidifier if necessary.

Pull Up Bar
Building a home gym will certainly help you to get more exercise in your home, but it’s not that feasible for most of us. More accomplishable however is to insert a pull up bar in your doorframe which you can then challenge yourself to use every day when you pass underneath. At the very least, create some space in your living room so that you have somewhere you can jump around and burn calories while watching exercise videos.

Finally, make sure you invest in a great bed that will support you and keep you comfortable throughout the night. The right mattress, duvet and sheets all make a big difference too.
Then make sure that your room is dark and quiet. This might mean moving your bedroom to a different room at the back of the house, or it might mean growing a hedge by the window to block out the light from a lamppost. When you make these changes though, if you get a good night’s sleep as a result, you’ll find it makes all the difference to your day.

Leslie Kramer, the author of this post, is a freelance blogger, who is currently writing for Bradmac, one of the leading providers of air conditioning services. Leslie is a movie-buff and likes to go on camping with her family and friends on weekends.


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