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Roof Greening Home to Reduce Solar Heat

August 3, 2015 Green House Design

Let’s plant to reduce the effects of global warming. One of them by making the plants on the roof. Roof Greening Home to Reduce Solar Heat. More effort is needed to create a green roof. Here is information that can help you understand the importance of the roof garden, as well as the steps for preparation.

1. Crops are planted on the roof will absorb solar heat received, but will not be passed into the room. This summer it will be used by plants to photosynthesize and grow flowers. That way, the temperature in the neighborhood will decrease with a roof garden.

Roof Greening Home to Reduce Solar Heat

Green Room Diagram, Green Roof Composition

2. Plant roots will absorb some of the rainwater that falls onto the roof. If no plants, rainwater from the roof will fall directly onto the road. If drainage is not good, abundant rain water will make the pool a disturbing way.

3. Plants and even trees that exist on the roof to provide shelter for insects. The birds will come to prey on insects, so as to create a small ecosystem on the roof. This will help the viability of small ecosystems on the roof. It will also help the sustainability of ecosystems on a larger scale environment.

Roof Greening Home to Reduce Solar Heat

Green Roof, Green Home

4. Form of the roof garden is very diverse, ranging from grass to the vegetable crops. Whatever its form, a green roof must have a robust construction because they have to accommodate the growing media is quite heavy and the weight of the plant itself. Consult this to the contractor or landscape architect of your home.

Roof Greening Home to Reduce Solar Heat

Green Building, Green Wall

With green roofs or roof gardens familiarly called, the benefit is to decrease the temperature of the room in the house. Solar heat received by the roof, will be absorbed by plants on the roof, so the heat will not meet your home.


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