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4 Spaces at Home That Could Be Your Ultimate Chill-out Zone

November 3, 2015 Guest Post


Do you badly need some “me” time after a hectic week at work? Looking for some awesome ways to unwind at home rather than heading outdoors? Exactly, why head outside when you can have some ultimate relaxation and plenty of fun at home itself? Whether you’ve realized it or not, there are some extremely interesting spaces at your home where you can unwind and de-stress over the weekend, without bothering to go out. Listed below are 5 interesting areas of your home that you’ve probably been underestimating till now, where you can have plenty of fun, entertainment and lots of relaxation.

If you have a great backyard, you may go ahead and consider yourself blessed to have one! Believe it or not, your backyard is hands down one of the most interesting part of your home – yes, way better than your living room with that huge TV set or even your bedroom! You’ll be amazed at the number of exciting things you can do in your backyard which are not only fun, but also therapeutically good for easing stress. Grow your very own veggie garden in your backyard and experience the joy of eating freshly-picked, home-grown vegetables and fruits. Grab a blanket and your astronomy chart, and camp out in your backyard for an incredible stargazing session with your children. Tidy up your backyard a bit and round up your close friends or neighbors over for a smoking barbeque party. As you see, the possibilities are literally endless!

The best possible way to enjoy the outdoors from your door step is via your home patio! The patio can be prove to be that tranquil outdoor living space that you can turn to, when you’re looking to spend some time relaxing in solitude. The patio connects your home to the outdoors, giving you a perfect blend of home and nature. It can prove to be a cozy multipurpose platform which you can utilize for entertainment, exercising, relaxing, outdoor cooking, and lots more. Chill-out with your laptop or watch a movie while relaxing on your patio couch, or even an old mattress. Enjoy your morning tea with the newspaper and a hint of sunlight. Use the patio for your workouts or a yoga session with a backdrop of the outdoors. Unwind with some hot coffee or a glass of wine with your favorite novel in hand. Enjoy an outdoor get-together with your family or friends over cocktails and delicious finger food. Indeed, the patio is a remarkable living area so make the most out of it!

Swimming Pool
Many households these days have swimming pools in their backyards, and without a doubt, there is no better way to beat the summer! If you’re looking for some funand excitement over the weekend, call your friends or family members over for fun-tastic pool party! Can you think of a better way of enjoying a sultry summer evening? Let your creativity out while planning out your pool party. You can think of different party themes, make arrangements for food and drinks or have a pool-side barbeque, arrange for a music system, and more. If you’re not up for a party and fancy doing something quiet and romantic, enjoy a night by the pool with your wife over a candlelight dinner, some romantic songs, and not to forget, a glass of wine to go with the mood! If you’re not feeling particularlyromantic, unwind by the pool with a book and a glass of wine, all by yourself – that can be fun too.

Want a personal chamber a few feet away from home where you can escape time-to-time from stress, office work, nagging partners, boredom, and other worldly tensions? If yes, look no further than your garage! Most of the times, garages cease to be used for the purpose they’re made for. When was the last time you actually parked you car inside your garage? See, bet you don’t remember! Sort out your garage and give it a makeover, if you already haven’t. Convert it into your entertainment zone – complete with all your gaming consoles, a pool table, darts, a cozy couch, a mini-fridge, and so on. You can also consider having a trendy little bar in your garage, along with a TV set, where you can unwind over a game of football and couple of beers with your mates. If you’re more of a nerd, consider shifting your favorite books along with your computer station into the garage, turning it into your library-cum-study area!

Leslie Kramer, the author of this post, is a freelance blogger, who is currently writing for Smoov Construction, specializes in landscaping designs and construction services. Leslie is a nature lover and loves to travel and explore new places.


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