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Comfortable White Townhouse in Serbia

December 29, 2015 Modern House Design

This house located in center of Belgrade, Serbia. The exterior has white color, and so to the interior. The interiors are made with the use of stone, wood and glass. This comfortable townhouse which have common walls. This system townhouse was created by Architects Dayne Milkovich and Jovan Mitrovich.

Comfortable white townhouse in Serbia
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How to Make Your Home Feel More ‘Natural’

October 23, 2015 Guest Post

There’s something incredibly pleasant about spending time outdoors – especially in a scenic area when the weather is nice. Being inside all day can make us feel claustrophobic, stir crazy and irritable, whereas getting outside into the fresh air lets us enjoy wide open space, cool air and beautiful sunshine which all conspires to help us feel more relaxed and at ease.

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