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Gaudi Chair by Bram Geenen, Lightweight Chair with High-End Materials and Techniques

December 1, 2015 Furniture

Gaudi Chair has a structure of glass-filled Nylon covered by a shell of carbon fiber. The nylon structure is slective-laser-sintered (3D printing) by the Dutch company ‘Freedom of Creation’.
Designed using the same methods as Antoni Gaudi, who made models of changing chains, that upside-down showed him the strongest shapes for his churches. In the chair, the chain-models are combined with a software script to generate the structure of the ribs. This is necessary because of the complexity of the forces in a chairs backrest.
High-end materials and techniques were used to create a lightweight chair. [ Bram Geenen ]

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Creative Alphabet Chairs by Tabisso

November 20, 2015 Chair Design, Furniture

This Alphabet chair, one of product from Tabisso. This chair available from from A to Z and 0 to 9. The chair has creative design and colorful. this chair deserves to be considered, to complement the furniture in your house. These are interesting chair,,,

Creative Alphabet Chairs by Tabisso
Alphabet Chairs by Tabisso
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Great Chair and Round Table by Elise Gabriel

July 6, 2015 Chair Design, Furniture, Table Design

L’étreinte by Elise Gabriel is a splendid extra fit of furniture with the intention of facial appearance tables, chairs and illumination with the intention of are to a degree produced from Zelfo, an innovative and patented material from 100% bran fibers. The preeminent part is with the intention of it is furthermore 100% biodegradable too.

Great Chair and Round Table by Elise
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