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Enjoying Your Work: The Best Office Desk Will Help You Love Your Job

Posted by worldhouse on June 26, 2018

You really can enjoy your work more if you have the right office desk. Having an old desk that wobbles and tips every time you move or simply type on your computer’s key board in no way helps you to be fully productive and does not contribute to you achieving job satisfaction, most assuredly. Read more…

Make Sure You Buy Quality Furniture At The Right Price

Posted by worldhouse on April 6, 2017

Business exist to make profit and even if this means cutting cost in certain areas of the business, they will be only too happy to do this as long as they can manage to keep shareholders happy. Most buyers for companies are often faced with the dilemma of how to buy good quality products without necessarily spending a lot of money. There are always budget set for certain items and there are budget managers who are trying their best to ensure that their budgets don’t run out faster than expected. Read more…

6 Tips & Tricks for Discovering Ultimate Furniture Upholstery Professional

Posted by worldhouse on February 17, 2016

6 Tips & Tricks for Discovering Ultimate Furniture Upholstery Professional

Are you dealing with problematic furniture that requires the attention and expertise of a professional? Well, you have seen almost everywhere but still are unable to identify the best one? If that is the case, then you have arrived at the perfect destination. As, this article will provide you six exceptional tips and tricks so that you can find that one of a kind furniture upholstery professional for the job. Read more…

Reasons to Have Vintage Reproduction Furniture at Your Office

Posted by worldhouse on February 9, 2016

For furniture lovers the original vintage pieces are irreplaceable. However, though such furniture holds immense sentimental value, but the reproduction furniture can be considered as a practical option for the same. Though one cannot rule both the type of furniture on the basis of their merit, as vintage reproduction furniture holds its own value and the original vintage furniture have its own charm, but when it comes to staying in the budget, there can be nothing better that the reproduction ones.


There are many possible reasons that will make you choose this type of furniture over other variants. These reasons will make you realize the importance of such furniture and why they are such a great match for your house.


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Enjoy Reading on B25 Easy Chair from Swedish Furniture Manufacturer Blå Station

Posted by worldhouse on January 9, 2016

B25 easy chair was designed by Cate Högdahl and Nelson Ruiz Acal for the Swedish furniture manufacturer Blå Station.

Description from Blå Station:
B25 is an easy chair in compression-moulded birch with a surface of ash veneer. The seat is upholstered in polyether foam and down.

Blå Station is 25 years young in 2011, and Cate & Nelson were commissioned to design a product to commemorate the occasion – B25. Their brief was to base this product on the language of design that characterised Blå Station in its earliest days – the round birch-wood ring and natural tanned leather from Tärnsjö Tannery.

The result, B25, also builds on the idea of furnishings as members of a family – creating not just a single item of furniture, but a small series, a group of furnishings or a family based on the same idea and using the same basic components. The allusions to Börge Lindau’s Oblado series are unmistakable. Blå Station first manufactured the iconic round ring in birch in 1986 – and the very same tool has now been used for B25. The covered back assumes its intended shape once it has been fitted in place in the ring, in the same way as the backrest on Hövding chair, for example.

Enjoy reading with B25 easy chair
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