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Bookcases by Domo Dinamica

October 20, 2015 Furniture

More than ten, Domo Dinamica has developed idea of creating and realizing animated design objects for the house. They have many product : Armchairs, Sofas, Ottoman, Chairs, Stools, Tables, Bookcases, Accessories, Lighting, and others.
This is three type Bookcases from Domo Dinamica :autumn, alibook, and pagina.

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Bookshelf Ideas, Bookshelf Fantasy

April 17, 2011 Furniture

If you are fond of collecting books is also like your collection is safe and well. Bookshelf is the solution, other than safe, durable, can also be arranged neatly. Andrew Denver created this blog in order to showcase the many different ways that books can be stored and displayed. There is plenty of inspiration here to show you how you can transform your seemingly innocuous bookcase into the feature of your home. Check below,, for further detail please visit Andrew Denver site.

Bookshelf Ideas, Bookshelf Fantasy
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