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How to Prevent Water Leakage in Building Your New Home

September 26, 2015 Home Improvement

Water leakage in our home is a common problem that most of us faces. This can happen because of a lot of reasons. If a house is quite old and proper repairing or maintenance work is not done, it can lead to water leakage. It can also happen that because of a crack in the pipe the water is seeping through the walls thereby making the walls damp. It is often said that the bathroom is one of the most common places where water leaks takes place. As it remains humid and wet most of the time, care should be taken to maintain proper plumbing of your bathroom. Otherwise it will again give rise to molds and once they start to rot they will pollute the air of your house and this is turn will affect everyone’s health. If proper care is not taken then not only your drainage system will be affected but it will also give birth to molds and fungus thereby affecting the health of the inmates as well. So if you are planning to build a new home, make sure that you know how to prevent water leakage.

So it is extremely essential that you know the basics regarding how to look for water leaks so that you can bring the situation under control and get it repaired. And if measures are taken at the correct time, then water leakage in your new home can be avoided completely.

Toilet: This is one of the most common areas where you are sure to detect water leakage. In case if you are not sure whether your toilet has water leakage or not then you can try out a simple test to be sure about it. Put a few drops of food dye in the water tank and wait for a minimum of five minutes. If you see that there is a presence of food dye in the toilet bowl then it means that there is a leaky flapper. So call a professional plumber and get it repaired immediately before it gets worse.

Faucets: It is very easy to find out whether you have a leaky faucet or not. Look for water spills under the kitchen sink or wash basin to see whether there is water or not. In case there is you know where the problem lies. So get it fixed ASAP before it effects the enter drainage system.

Home exterior: It is very difficult to search for signs of water leakage outside one’s home but nevertheless one has to try. Generally the areas where there are chances of water leakage are the sprinkler head. So make it a point to update the sprinkler head at regular intervals so that the issue can be solved easily.

Swimming pools: This is the most common area after toilets where water leakage can take place. In that case you will need to call plumbing drain service personnel. If the filter system is malfunctioning then there will be a significant water leakage and there will be water spills all around. So look into the matter as soon as you detect it.
So now that you know of the different areas where you should look for water leakage, make sure that you check out these areas so as to secure your home from the side effects of water leakage. No one wants their home to be damp, moist or full of molds and fungus.


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