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11 Tips and Tricks to Save While Painting Your House

February 12, 2016 Guest Post, Home Improvement


11 Tips and Tricks to Save While Painting Your House


Painting your house, whether it is the interior or the exterior, is always a big job that takes plenty of time and a considerable amount of money. With these considerations in mind, you obviously want to ensure that your job is done the right way, the first time. It isn’t sheer luck that allows a successful house painting job. It is effort, planning, and learning the tips that you need to use. Below we have 11 great tips that will help you successfully paint your home without problems.


1. Rule Number One: Move Furniture out of the Room

Working ‘around’ items might seem a clever way to save time but it is oftentimes a regrettable decision in the end. Move furniture and other objects out of the room and out of the way!

2. Hire a Pro

It is okay to accept the fact that you cannot do it all. It is best to throw in the towel and hire professional house painters. In Boulder, CO, you have good options for painters. Know when it is time to make that call.


3. Prepare the Surfaces

Never try to paint an area that you have not prepared to be painted. First find any repairs, cracks, dents, etc. Next repair them for a smooth paint job all the way around.

4. Don’t Forget to Prime

Primer is an important part of any paint job. Make sure that you prime before you begin painting and you can rest assured that your paint is going to stay put and look its best.

5. Have a Variety of Paintbrushes and Rollers

You’ll need several sizes of paintbrushes and rollers available to get the house painted the right way. Do not start a project only to later discover that you need another size later.

6. Compare before your Hire

If you are hiring a prof for the job, make sure that you compare first. Not all companies are created the same. Do not learn this the hard way.

7. Learn before you Start

Many professional painters will be happy to give you tips for success. The web is also available to provide you no cost information. Check it out.

8. Choose the right Paint

The paint chosen to complete the job is important. Make sure that you compare the options that are available to you. And, don’t be afraid to test a few different colors before making your final choice.

9. Dry to Wet

When you are painting, paint dry to wet and save headache and hassle.

10. Long Strokes

The way that you paint makes a difference in the overall quality of the paint job. It is in your best interest to use long strokes when you paint for even results that look great.

11. Take your Time

You want to get done with the job but do not do it at the expense of the job. If you try to rush, a poor quality job is going to bring you down considerably. Take the time to do it the right way and love the results.


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