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How Do You Decorate Your Bedroom With French Provincial Bedroom Styles?

February 18, 2016 Bedroom Design


How Do You Decorate Your Bedroom With French Provincial Bedroom Styles?



French Provincial Style Bedroom denotes the home décor style that is usually found in the house of provincial landed gentry in France in 17th and 18th centuries. This home décor style is not as expensive as its urban counterparts are. The provincial style homeowners usually have furniture and other furnishings that were made of less expensive materials than Persian furniture and they are less ornate. Most of the furnishings that were used for decorating the bedroom in provincial house resemble Parisian styles, both in terms of design and colors. So, recreating French Provincial Bedroom is not expensive and complicated. You can just mimic the crucial components of the style to achieve the décor of provincial style.


Luxurious Armchairs & Beautiful Mirrors and Rustic Tables

Usually, the décor of French Provincial Bedroom is warm, but it offers an elegant feeling to the viewers. You can blend comfort, luxury and scale to recreate a bedroom that is truly homely, inviting and most importantly stylish at the same time.


•Addition of plush armchairs, rustic center tables and beautiful mirrors can offer your normal bedroom the real French elegance and essence when you enter the room. Besides, you can also add wrought iron clock and ladder back chairs in the room for more French provincial look.


•To complete the look of the bedroom, you can add timber bed with fabric headboard and timber legged ottoman in the corner. Vintage mirror would be the best addition to the provincial bedroom. It will not only add elegance to the room, but it will also offer you French elegance when you enter the room and dress up before the mirror.


Materials and Finishes of Furniture

The French Provincial Bedroom usually comprises furniture made out of wood or timber. They can be either painted in white or stained accordingly the overall décor of the room. The timber furniture like buffets and drawers should feature some ornate moldings on it and must have glass or brass handles and hinges for more rustic French elegance.


Some useful French bedroom decoration styles:


•Styling of Provincial Style Bedroom

When it comes to create a French Provincial Bedroom, you must always pay close attention to the color scheme of the room. Since provincial living is directly linked with nature, you must prefer using natural lighting in bedroom during day time. The color scheme of the room must be beige or typical white.


•Furniture for French provincial Style Bedroom

Since the base color scheme of French Provincial Bedroom is always neutral or typical white, it would be a feasible decision to opt for white French style furnishings for bedroom. Furniture like chairs, dressers and bed usually take large visual spaces and hence always remain the center of attraction of any provincial bedroom. For a typical provincial bedroom it is always recommended to invest in white color bedroom furniture highlighted with gold detailing ad finishing.


•The Patterns and Textures of Furniture

After having the entire furniture for your French style bedroom, it is the time to consider how you would achieve the French provincial look with the upholstery and bed and furniture. The beds that are used in French Provincial Bedroom usually have tufted headboard that complement the tufted chair and other furniture in the room. You can choose the plain white bed highlighted with delicate floral patterns and gold detailing. The solid pastel stripes on the bed are the signature of French style furnishings. So, consider buying furniture having thick pastel stripes on it.


These were some tips to create a french provincial bedroom for your home using some rustic furniture.


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