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How to Manage Small Houses to Always Look Beautiful

January 8, 2016 Home Decor, Interior Design


How to Manage Small Houses to Always Look Beautiful. Here some ways that can be done to make small home interior to always look beautiful.

1. Fill your home with a small furniture and make sure before you buy it first measure the space available.

2. Use of modular furniture. This is useful if at any time increase or family member you want to expand the room. Modular furniture can be disassembled and reduced in volume.

How to Manage Small Houses to Always Look Beautiful

Small Home Interior, Minimalist Home Interior

3. Choose simple themed decorations, such as minimalist or modern country. Use a combination of 2:1 (two monochromatic colors, an accent color). Too many colors and patterns will make the house feel “crowded”. Use light-colored floor covering material with a simple motif.

4. Maximize the transparent areas such as large windows as high as the door to make room more light, air, and seemed roomy.

How to Manage Small Houses to Always Look Beautiful

Cool Modular Furniture, Modular Sofa

5. Control your belongings so that the room is not full and overflowing. Reduce expenditures and maximize wishes storage area that is often overlooked, such as the space under the stairs, under the bed, the top of the cupboard, or under the seat.

6. Take advantage of the wall as an alternative storage. Create a rack or console along the wall to store books, toys, and other collections. Wall with shelves can be made ??with a view to supporting the artistic interior of the room.

How to Manage Small Houses to Always Look Beautiful

Wall Shelving, Modular Shelves

7. Use a large mirror to give the impression to the room.
8. To simplify things, store goods that are often used in place of the most easily accessible.

Hope can inspire you to organize your home interior to make your home always beautiful and comfort for living.


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