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Tips to Help make Apartment Hunting in Danforth Stress Free

October 29, 2015 Guest Post


There are numerous ways to begin a search for a new apartment. The internet has dozens of sites, newspapers have listings and just by walking around your block you will probably see signs posted for apartments for rent. Realty companies can also be helpful in your search, but the first item on your list should be to get organized. Knowing what you want and what you need from an apartment is essential. Ask yourself the following to help narrow down your searches.


• Number of bedrooms and bathrooms needed
• Square footage of the apartment
• Ground floor or top floor
• Where is parking located on the street or in a parking garage?
• What about closet space and washer and dryer hook ups?
• Does the landlord allow pets?
• Location of apartment – city or country
• How important is the view?
• What are the amenities of the complex?


Stay organized

Staying organized and focused will also help keep the task of finding a new apartment stress free. Make notes of places you have called and who you talked to at each apartment or realty agency. Keep track of phone numbers and addresses and what you liked and didn’t like about each apartment or website visited. It is easy to get confused after looking at a dozen different apartments.


Talk to Tenants

Another good idea is to talk to tenants of the apartment complex you are considering. Ask them if they like living there. Is the landlord helpful? Do they know of anything you should be aware of. There is no better way to find out about a location than by talking to the people that already live there.


Read Everything

When your decision has been made and it comes time to sign the lease, make sure your read over it! If something is not mentioned in the lease and you think it should be, ask for it to be added. Get everything in writing! Even if you are friends with the person renting the apartment to you this is still a business deal. By having everything in writing will save questions and possibly hurt feelings later. Finding the right apartments or danforth condos for sale is easy when staying organized.


When it comes time to move in to your new apartment take pictures of everything. Take pictures of the doors, windows, appliances, etc. this way if there is a question when it comes time for you to move out you will have documentation of what the apartment looked like when you moved in. Getting the right supplier, like Danforth Square Towns, is the only way to get the living space you need.


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