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Neat Ideas for Patio Pavers

June 24, 2015 Guest Post

Many people are looking to improve the green spaces around their home. Be it practical or aesthetic, people want ways to improve the area surrounding their home. For a lot of people, the best way to do this is by using materials they may already have, such as patio pavers. Patio pavers are the rectangular bricks that are used on the surface of patios for aesthetic purposes. They are simple, yet beautiful. They can also be used for more than just paving patios. If you have extra patio pavers around, there are many cool projects you can do to improve your yard or garden. Here are neat three ideas for how you can use patio pavers to improve your yard:

Neat Ideas for Patio Pavers

Planter Pot
Planter pots are great to make out of patio pavers. Planter pots made from patio pavers complement your patio since they’re made of the same stone. Also, the dichotomy, between the concrete of the patio pavers and the plants in them, is nothing short of artistic.

Making a planter pot out of patio pavers is easy, and only requires five pavers per pot. Simply form a square with your pavers, gluing the ends together with construction adhesive. You should end up with a box. Now, to finish the planter, apply the construction adhesive along the top of the planter, and place a final patio paver on top. Once the adhesive has hardened, flip the pot over and you have a beautiful, cheap, and fun planter pot.

Fire Pit
Fire pits can also be built using patio pavers. You’ll need a rather large amount of pavers (it varies depending on the size of the fire pit), but since pavers are so inexpensive, it’s still a wonderful investment. First, make sure that your fire pit is on top of a flat, fire-resistant surface, such as a patio or an even gravel bed. If it is not, then you can form a flat, fire-resistant surface with patio pavers. Once you have your surface, lay patio pavers in the perimeter of a circle, adjusting the size to be your desired fire pit size. After you have one layer laid down to get the size right, go back and place construction adhesive on the bottom of each paver, so that the pit’s foundation is attached to the ground. Then build a second layer, but make sure it overlaps the first (meaning that where two patio pavers meet on the first layer should line up with the middle of a patio paver on the second layer). Use adhesive to secure this layer to the first. Continue the process until your fire pit is the desired height.

Garden Path
The easiest way to use patio pavers is to form a path through your garden or yard. They can be placed adjacent to each other to form a continuous path, or you can place them apart, and use them as stepping stones, which is a beautiful touch.

These are three ideas for neat projects you can build with patio pavers. With a little imagination, you can think of numerous possibilities.

This article was written by Jared Miret, father and home handyman who is always looking for great ways to use project leftovers. If you are looking for a professional patio check out Houston Pavers.


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