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5 Long-term Storage Ideas for Home or the Office

August 28, 2015 Guest Post


When it comes to storing things, there are many different options. Whether you want to store your personal belongings, or something belonging to a company, the options are as varied as the things you might want to store. However, some storage options are better than others. If you want to store things for the long-term, consider storing your items in one of the following five places.

Container Storage
When you want to store something long-term, but still want the option of moving it around, container storage is a great way to store your items. Container storage enables you to store your items and get them out of the way, but still have access to them when you need it. Storage containers are designed to be movable, shippable, and otherwise portable. Storage containers come in a variety of sizes, shapes, and materials for different uses. Most of the containers are designed to be stored outdoors, in traditional shipping crates, but some are also designed for indoor storage.

Storage Unit
A storage unit can be a viable option for long-term storage. A storage unit can be climate-controlled, which is ideal for storing delicate items, like furniture or electronics. Storage units vary in size, and there are units both outdoors and indoors. A storage unit will cost a monthly or yearly fee, which is usually affordable. Certain storage units are specifically formulated for home or business use.

Garage or other on-site Storage
If you have a little extra space on your property, or an extra room, like a garage, you can store your items on-site. The advantage to storing your items on-site is that if you need to access the items quickly, you will easily be able to locate them. You will not have to pay any additional money to store your items on your own property. A garage, shed, empty room, or a storage closet are all perfect on-site long-term storage solutions for whatever you need to store.

Storing with a Friend or Relative
Another long-term storage option is storing your materials with a friend. Your friend might have the extra storage space that is perfect for your items. Storing items with a friend may have a few drawbacks, like a limited storage time or difficulty in accessing the items, but storing items with a friend is also completely free. You can also store your items with a relative, such as your parents, grandparents, or aunts and uncles. Usually relatives are happy to store your things on a short or long-term basis.

Basement or Attic
If you have a basement or attic (or a tornado or bomb shelter), these areas can be the perfect solution to your long-term storage needs. The space is hardly used, free, and easy to access. Both residential and commercial buildings typically have one or both of these spaces, which are ideal for storing nearly anything imaginable.

When it comes to long-term storage, there are many options- both free and paid. It doesn’t matter what you store, there are many options to choose from. When you consider storing your items, think about if you need to access it quickly, how long you want to store it, and if having the items on hand are worth paying for. These considerations will help you determine the ideal storage method.

Lindsey McMahon wrote this guest post. She is a freelance writer who shares her shipping tips on various blogs. If you feel like reading more about storage containers in New York follow the link.


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