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4 Changes To Make To Your Home For The Winter Season

July 14, 2015 Guest Post


Preparing your home for the winter season is a very important thing to do. During winter people often spend far more time indoors then they do at other times of the year. Fortunately, there are easy ways to make your home feel cozy, warm and inviting even when a severe three day blizzard is pushing several feet of snow right outside your windows.

4 Changes To Make To Your Home For The Winter Season

Add Appropriate Lighting
The right lighting is essential in any home. Good lighting can also set a mood and even change the shades of colors in a room. Winter is often a time of severe snowstorms and harsh weather. If you live in such a region, lay in a supply of candles and battery powered flashlights. Buy small holiday lights and drape them around many areas of your home to add a sense of holiday spirit and make the dark days feel less cold.

Protect Your Windows
Winter can be tough on your windows. Provide an extra layer of protection against the cold with the right blinds. Wooden blinds are ideal for use during the winter. The warm tones of the wood work well with traditional winter colors such as navy blue and emerald green. Winter is also the perfect time to order custom shutters that can help protect your windows against severe weather.

Change Out Bed Linens
All bedding should be changed out at least twice a year of if possible. Winter weight fabrics are an excellent way to make your bedroom warmer and reduce your electric costs at the same time. Use flannel sheets and pillowcases in place of satin or cotton ones. Top your bed with high thread count, extra lofty down comforter, a feather bed and a homemade quilt.

Add Rugs and Other Floor Coverings
Rugs can add color and light to a space. A rug can also help reduce drafts and provide a place for warm feet to land on an ice col morning. Winter is great time to add additional floor rugs to otherwise bare spaces. Toss a rug next to your bed on top of the wood floors. Add a brightly painted canvas floor cloth to your kitchen. Put a thick rug on top of the tiles in your bathroom.

Winter can be a hard season to get through. Make a few changes to your home and you will be fully prepared for even the worst mother nature can throw at your home.


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