Monday, September 15, 2014

Amazing Villa with Beautiful View of Lake Maggiore by Swiss Architects

September 15, 2014 Luxury House Design

This is a amazing villa was located in lake Maggiore. It has beatiful view of lake Maggiore and the nature view round the lake. This two level villa with U-shaped floor plan design. The U-shaped will be obvious when viewed from above.

If viewed from front side this villa consist of three building these are left side, right side and the middle as a connectivity between the two buildings. Lower floor and the upper floor connected by simple stair with clear glass on one side. This located on middle building. The stair can view from the out of the building because the wall of middle building made from clear glass.

Amazing villa on Lake Maggiore Amazing Villa with Beautiful View of Lake Maggiore by Swiss Architects

Amazing villa on Lake Maggiore

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3 Benefits to Having Leather Living Room Furniture

September 14, 2014 Furniture

When it’s time to shop for living room furniture, you may be inclined to look longingly at leather living room furniture, but pass by it thinking it’s not practical for your lifestyle. The following three benefits associated with leather furniture will assure you that you can indeed enjoy the luxury of leather.

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Small Apartment with Bright Interior Design


Small apartment interior design Small Apartment with Bright Interior Design

Here are small apartment in Moscow, only 34 square meters. This apartment has bright interior design. Although small size, this apartment has architect which made in very modern, ergonomic, comfortable and stylish interior where everything is on its place. Although with small size we can still enjoy life in a cheerful and pleasant atmosphere. We can apply it for our home or our apartment.

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How to Make Your Home Feel More ‘Natural’

September 13, 2014 Guest Post

There’s something incredibly pleasant about spending time outdoors – especially in a scenic area when the weather is nice. Being inside all day can make us feel claustrophobic, stir crazy and irritable, whereas getting outside into the fresh air lets us enjoy wide open space, cool air and beautiful sunshine which all conspires to help us feel more relaxed and at ease.

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Laurelhurst Residence by Robin Chell Design

Modern House Design

Laurelhurst Residencewas designed by Robin Chell Design.
Description from the Architect:
The extensive remodel of this architect-designed, mid-century modern home included the addition of a second floor master suite and children’s rooms. With a goal of maximizing light and space, the design scheme emphasized the integrity of the mid-century modern structure while updating the furnishings with durable and natural materials. Included in this 2500-square foot remodel was the reupholstering and refurbishing of an inherited collection of period furniture. The resulting design successfully integrated the existing furniture while freshening the interior with new pieces.

Laurelhurst Residence by Robin Chell Design Laurelhurst Residence by Robin Chell Design

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