Thursday, January 29, 2015

Outdoors House sheds: Ultimate storage solution

January 29, 2015 Guest Post

House sheds come in various styles and sizes and they form an important part in the construction of a house. These house sheds can be used for various purposes and for various tasks.

Shed for home Outdoors House sheds: Ultimate storage solution

Basically the sheds are used for the purpose. They may be small or big depending upon the usage and can be made by yourself or you can also take the help of professional construction workers. These sheds are complimentary to the original building. They look beautiful and these can be built according to the space that is required to keep various things such as petrol, kerosene oil, cleaning objects, tools, garden tools and so on. Read more…

Tips for Installation and Maintaining Vinyl Floors

Guest Post

Vinyl floors Tips for Installation and Maintaining Vinyl Floors

Vinyl floors look extremely elegant and improve the aesthetic appearance of any room. It is important to get the vinyl flooring done correctly if you want the floors to last. Improper installation will result in a complete wastage of money and effort.


Tips for Installation

Installation of the vinyl floor is not a very easy task. Laying out the floor in a correct fashion will enable you to get the best results. Read more…

Molly Desk – Luxury Desk by Toby Howes Furniture


This piece was inspired by a client. The client wanted a desk with a distinct ‘Toby Howes’ look that combined a light, suspended in air fell with the utilitarianism of the time.

Molly Desk by Toby Howes Furniture Molly Desk   Luxury Desk by Toby Howes Furniture Read more…

Designing a Beautiful Bathroom – Without a Remodel

Guest Post

Is your bathroom looking a little dated? It happens. Over time, the design you once loved starts to look a little faded and out of place. That doesn’t mean you need to tear down the whole bathroom and start over. There are plenty of cost effective ways to re-redesign – without committing to a remodel. These techniques can improve the overall appearance of your bathroom and even increase the value of your home. It is the perfect do it yourself project! Easy, effective, and beautiful…. the bathrooms in your space will look like new in no time. Read more…

Details that Make Your Garden Stand Out

Guest Post

Green Garden Details that Make Your Garden Stand Out

When you see one garden, you’ve seen them all. It is all about the fresh air and the sun, isn’t it? Well, not at all. Especially if you ask somebody like Robert Plumb and his wonderful outside furniture. On the other hand, there is some truth that people don’t invest that much time thinking about the design of their garden space. Mowing the lawn and putting some chairs out is not going to do anything special for your garden. However, if you really want your garden to stand out, you can do some of the following things. Read more…

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