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Basic Decorating Tips for Creating a Beautiful and Relaxing Bedroom

July 28, 2015 Bedroom Design


Basic Decorating Tips for Creating a Beautiful and Relaxing Bedroom

Keeping your bedroom relaxing and attractive can help you get a good night’s sleep or make the space especially comfortable for you and your mate. By making some subtle changes to the bedroom, you can make the space look like it was professionaly designed. After all, your bedroom should be a place of solace after a long day and the place in your home where you feel most at ease. Here are a few basic tips to keep in mind.

Focus on the Bed Area

Basic Decorating Tips for Creating a Beautiful and Relaxing Bedroom

Of course, the bed is the focal point of your room. Look at the bed’s size. A large bed in a room that already doesn’t ahve much space can make the area look closed in. So, you may want to consider getting a smaller bed so you’ll have more walking room in the bedroom, or so that you can add reading chairs or ottomans to the room to make it more comfortable.

However, if your bed is particularly small, your bedroom might not appear cozy enough. Choose a bed that’s large enough for your to sleep comfortable, or a bed that you and your mate can relax in without feelintg cramped.

Select a modern design for your bed, which will also create more space in your room. A bed that is low to the ground in an Asian-inspired style is a fashionable choice, or you can choose beds with thin frames in black, white, or a metallic color to give your room a modern touch.

The wall above the bed should be decorated in a way that fits your personal taste. Hang a large picture of you and your loved one above the bed, or a picture that displays a romantic notion, such as an artistic rendering of a rose. This wall space is often the most prominent in the room, so fill it with something that puts you in a good mood.

A quality mattress is of the utmost importance as well. Your bed should immediately maek you feel relaxed, and a mattress that is soft or firm enough to support your body will make a big difference in how refreshing your sleep is.

Consider Fabrics and Colors
Your bedroom should have a tranquil feel to it, which is why the colors you use to decorate should make your happy while calming you down.
Warm shades like red and yellow will put you in a good mood, but these hues are often overwhelming and can make your mind race. So, if you enjoy shades on the warm side of the color wheel, choose more subdued versions of red, orange and yellow for items in the room liek area rugs, throw pillows or curtains.
Cool colors like blue, purple and green help to calm the nervous system, and may help you to sleep better. You can use soft or pastel versions of these to paint the paneling or ceiling fan in your room. Furniture like a nightstand or chest of drawers in these colors are also standout pieces in the bedroom that aren’t too overwhelming.
Earth tones are a great choice as well, as they pomote a balanced mood and level emotions. You can change the look of your room often if the walls and carpet are beige or tan, simply by adding throw pillows in metallis chades or hanging curtains in a jewel tone.

Keep It Simple
Finally, when it comes to bedroom decorating, simple is best. Don’t clutter your room with trinkets all over the dresser or nightstand, or choose curtains that are especally gaudy. Leave lots of space between the bedroom and closet if possible to make walking to the closet easier. Keep files and papers in an ottoman that offers storage space or a chest, so that the papers are out of sight. This will keep you at ease when you’re in your bedroom and give your mind time to recharge.
De-clutter your room often, and throw out items that you no longer need. This keeps the area clean and is just one more way to make you look forward to spending time in your bedroom.
You don’t have to remodel your bedroom completely to make it look new. With these simple tips, you can enjoy in a relaxing area of your bedroom, knowing that you didn’t have to spend tons of money to make it feel that way.

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