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Five Crucial Steps to Installing Vertical Blinds in Your House

January 22, 2020 Architecture Design

For over a decade, vertical blinds ruled the window treatment trends. Vertical blinds provide privacy and shade to the room. The vertical blinds are mostly used for the treatment of large windows or sliding patio doors.


Due to the people’s Desire for advancement, they are available in a wide variety of designs. They provide the correct amount of light to rooms. Apart from providing shade and privacy, it also provides soundproofing.


Vertical blinds are not only used in houses, but they are the best window treatment choice for workplaces as well. Vertical blinds are available in a variety of designs, colors, and materials. The efficiency of their function depends on the type of material used for their composition.

You can quickly get these blinds from stores, or you can also get the best vertical blinds online. People mostly find these blinds expensive due to the costly installation, but if you get to know the correct technique, you can easily install these blinds by yourself. Read more…

The Health Concerns behind Bidet Use

December 31, 2019 Guest Post

A bidet is a fixture that sprays your private parts with a controlled water jet after you use the bathroom. It would seem that bidet use is much safer and healthier than use of toilet paper, especially if you are suffering from health conditions like hemorrhoids or anal fissure. These are painful conditions, and rubbing your anus with toilet paper irritates it further. Toilet paper leaves residue, which can cause complications. It doesn’t always clean completely and you have to finish the job with water anyway.


You will cut down on toilet paper costs if you have a bidet. Bidets are quite affordable and you don’t need a professional plumber to install one. Bidets have many benefits, but this article isn’t about these. It’s about something much more rarely discussed – their downsides. More specifically, we will discuss the health concerns behind their use.


So far, all the evidence of health issues being exacerbated or even caused by bidet use stems from scientific studies. The evidence collected this way has not entered the popular space of blog posts and the like. Read more…

Home Security Tips to Increase the Security you Feel while Home

November 11, 2019 Home Improvement

A house becomes our home when we move in and give it our personal touch. Home is our place in our safe zone; home is what we wish to get back to from work, holidays, outdoor trips, business trips, or even family vacation. Is our home safe? Various reports from reliable agencies suggest that there are several incidents of home-related accidents across the globe each day. These accidents are related to incidents related to electrical/electronic failures, gas-related accidents, incidents in our bathrooms; the most predominant of the accident/incident related to our homes is that of the security threat from burglary and thefts. Read more…

A Guideline to Maintain and Clean Your Swimming Pool

October 21, 2019 Architecture Design

Having an indoor pool is a fantastic idea. You can enjoy swimming whenever you want, but it requires maintenance and cleaning. A pool needs daily care, but you often neglect it when you have other pressing matters at hand. When you swim in a grimy pool, it can affect your health.
Read more…

The Time Is Running Out! Think About These 3 Ways to Build Your Granny Flat

September 30, 2019 Architecture Design

Granny flats are a great addition to any existing home, specifically if you want more space around your home, somewhere for your children or people to live, or effortless investment property.
This all-in-one home extension is built on the same plot of land. You can build it on the backyard, or you can fence a part off in the yard.


If you’re look for custom granny flats at Hoek Modular Homes and adding this in your yard, it is advisable to invest some time doing research to steer clear of the common issues. Significantly, there are 3 points you should know before building your granny flat in the backyard, and the tips below can help you along your way. Read more…

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