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Remove Your Damaged Popcorn Ceiling And Get A Smooth Surface

June 14, 2017 Home Maintenance

Remove Your Damaged Popcorn Ceiling And Get A Smooth Surface

Very little difficult things keep a place in our lives and one of that is popcorn ceiling. Definitely, this particular kind of ceiling is really hard to repair as well as the job is very laborious too. Also, the ceiling catches dust very quickly. One of the most renowned companies who considered as specialists in repairing this kind of a ceiling is known as Ceiling Stucco Removal. They mainly specialize in removing popcorn ceilings as well as removing popcorn texture as well. Though as already mentioned the work is pretty laborious but still, the company manages to provide the best results to the clients with their techniques. Thus, it is really important that you must take out the popcorn ceilings to bring an appeal to the room. As we know that this particular process creates a lot of dust, so the company takes special measures to start a dustless technique. They also perform their work maintaining the industrial standards and requirements. The company specializes in stucco ceiling removal, popcorn texture removal, skim coating.


Recharge of upgrading your ceilings:
• To remove the white spaces
• To increase the value of the house
• This particular ceiling is old-fashioned
• They lower down the height of any building
• Make the appearance of the room darker
Services the company provides:
The company helps the clients those who have still houses made of popcorn ceilings with the help of cost effective cutting edge technology. Not only the company provided highest quality materials but also the work lasts for a long period of time.
The company always maintains proper communication with their clients so that they can also remain updated about the project work.
Importance of removing popcorn ceilings with the smooth ones

If you have decided to remove the popcorn ceiling coating then definitely it’s a wise decision and thus you will also able to sell your house pretty faster. The company also ensures to remove any kind of asbestos and all the other work with proper measures. Once the ceiling will be ready they will also ensure for the fine painting of the ceiling as well. Thus, this will definitely provide you with smooth ceilings. It is advisable to remove the textured ceilings. Apart from these services the company also provides other services that include crown moldings, potlight installation. The customer service provided by the company is also very helpful.
Ways to deal with your Popcorn Ceiling
During 1950’s the popularity of popcorn ceiling start to fade and definitely you want to bid farewell to that messy ceiling. Thus, there are many ways to take up the challenge or what most of the companies actually do. Scrape? Cover the ceiling with a new wall or you want to skim coat with plaster? What will be a preferable option? Actually, according to the experts, it depends on several factors and especially the condition, age of the ceiling.
The method- Generally the companies use a knife which has to be a 4-inch knife to get away the chip surface and provide you with a smooth surface. Thus, once it is done you need to skim the entire layer so to wash away the imperfect parts of the ceilings and make the surface smooth enough. Before repainting the ceiling make sure you able to put a layer of sand.
Usefulness- This is one of the most common technique through which you can remove the popcorn ceiling. Though scrapping is quite a messy process it is also less costly and requires less labor. But, if you live in a very old home and want to paint it then check it with asbestos and if the results come positive then you should not opt for this option. If you see the reports are negative but your ceiling is already painted then it is definitely impossible to scrape them. The popcorn material will soon soak up all that rather you can opt for dry walling.
Cover with drywall

The method- If you want to remove your drywall then you can fix your ceiling with the help of gypsum board that actually weighs extremely less than the normal standard board. It must be done with an expert so that the person can very securely able to screw the framing. The person should also be proficient enough in mudding and tapping for this job.
This is definitely a better option than scrapping because if you paint an asbestos as because it’s easy to summaries the harmful material than making it airborne. Apart from it, you can easily get the smooth surface for your ceiling, if you have done the mudding as well as tapping properly. Alternatively, you only need only a few people to do the entire work. Also, if the ceiling has any kind of damage or you cut the ceiling for putting the electrical route then you do not worry. It is easy to make large cuts into the obtainable ceiling as soon the entire patch will cover up the cuts. This method is a bit of expensive and you need to be very alert while doing the job.
Skim coat on a new design
The method- Though it is still familiar as a texture most of the experts and it is easy for the homeowners to maintain as well as fairly easy for the experts to conduct it. This method is very common in an older house and especially found before the invention of the popcorn ceiling era. The method involves cleaning as well as prepping the substance with the help of drywall mud with the help of quick –set technique.
Usefulness- There are people who want to get that vintage look in their home but it is important that you make sure the material of the ceiling is secure enough to perform the entire work. It should not happen that adding a wet product to the weak ceiling forced it to come down if it won’t possible to handle it.


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