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Prevent Foundation Problems with Simple Home Maintenance

June 4, 2021 Home Maintenance

Homeowners can save money by preventing damage to their home. Foundation repairs can also become large projects once severe damage takes place. You must remain vigilant with home and yard maintenance to keep your foundation healthy. Routine inspections can help you find problems in the early stages. Proper landscaping and drainage can deter water away from your home, as well. Pay attention to the details of your home to keep your foundation in optimal condition.


Routine Inspections
Many people have their homes inspected before they purchase or sell. You can have an inspection regularly to find out if your foundation needs work. Inspections can help you maintain the appraisal value of your home, as well. Homeowners often find damage after it becomes a large problem. With a routine inspection, you can often find damage in the early stages.


Timely Repairs
Protect your home by initiating repairs on time. If you notice cracks in your walls, for example, call for a consultation for foundation repair Birmingham AL. A professional can find the source of your foundation problem and get involved before further damage starts. If you notice cracks, standing water, or sticking doors, get a diagnosis and repair as soon as possible.


Clean the Gutters
Gutters help direct water away from the home. They only work, however, when water has a clear path through the gutter. If your gutter gets clogged with leaves and other debris, water may fall over the side of the gutter and collect near your home. This can lead to moisture damage in your home, as well as foundation problems.


When a home is built, the property design should include a sloped yard. This helps water move away from the home during rainstorms and when you water the lawn. You can also adjust your plant choices to protect your foundation. Plant trees at least 15 feet away from your home. Keep your plants and lawn watered properly to keep the soil healthy. While foundations shifts happen naturally over time, solid that is overly wet or dry can cause sudden or severe damage.


If you notice trouble with drainage on your lawn, you may have foundation problems. Homeowners with basements often install special drain systems to keep water away from the house. Clean gutters and sprinkler systems can help you manage the amount of water on your property, as well.


Foundation changes happen in all houses as the years go by. You can, however, prevent many major problems by taking good care of your home. Make sure your property slopes away from the house so water can move in the right direction. You can also get routine inspections, get timely repairs, and maintain your gutters. If you don’t care for yard work, hire a professional to plan safe landscaping for your foundation. Proper placement of trees can prevent many foundation issues. Sprinkler systems can help you maintain an optimal moisture balance in the soil at all times of the year, as well. In many cases, maintenance can prevent major foundation issues, saving you both time and money.


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