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Increase Security of Your House with Wireless Home Security

Posted by worldhouse on October 10, 2017

Initially, the home alarms were installed with wires. After installing these alarms, there were wires everywhere running through ceilings and walls, snaking out to secondary and master keypads. People were not happy with these wires, but they were forced to use this system for their security. This system has the major drawback that in case of any damage to a wire, the whole alarm system stops working.
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Considerations You Must Make Before Getting Your Home Extended

Posted by worldhouse on March 27, 2017

For people who want more space around the home, moving house can be a major upheaval in order to gain it. For this reason there are many home owners who opt to have their existing home extended so that they can create additional rooms and spaces within the home, without being forced to sell up and find somewhere new. If you are looking for space in and around the home then here are some of the key considerations which you will need to make. Read more…

How Artificial Grass Can Increase The Value of Your Home

Posted by worldhouse on March 1, 2017

Imagine coming back at home from work or any other place with no stress that there is another task awaiting you to make the compound a task that we all know is boring and time consuming. That would be relaxing, right? Well listen to me as I give you a trick of how to make this imagination a reality. Read more…

Tips on Choosing The Best Fire Protection System for Your Home

Posted by worldhouse on December 19, 2016

Is your home fire-proof?
What are your chances of surviving a fire?
Do you or your family members know what to do when a fire breaks out?


Protecting your home from fire should be the number one priority of every homeowner. Every year, fires are responsible for several deaths and millions of damages to property. And residential fires are the most common type of fires. Read more…

Home Staging: How to Maximize the Space in Your Studio Apartment by Following These Tips

Posted by worldhouse on December 7, 2016

Clutter can quickly accumulate in a home. Junk mail, magazines, purchases, shoes and small gifts can quickly pile up. In larger homes, these things can be easily tucked out of sight. However, in a studio apartment with little storage space, the area can quickly become cluttered. If you live in a studio apartment, chances are, your closet space has limited storage. How can you maximize your storage space in such a small area? Read more…