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Preventing Your Water Heater from Bursting In a Calgary Home

November 4, 2015 Guest Post

With falling temperatures also comes the risk of frozen pipes, which can lead to your water heater bursting. However, with a few simple precautions, this risk can be completely avoided. Remember, if you are in a freeze prone area you should take these steps early to prevent any substantial damage to your pipes, water heater or home. Read more…

How to Choose the Right Professional for Water Heater Replacement

November 2, 2015 Guest Post

There are so many different systems within a home and keeping track of them all is not an easy job. Finding a way to keep all of the repair issues in a home under wraps will take a lot of time and effort on the part of a homeowner. Among the most important appliances in a home is the hot water heater. When this appliance begins to malfunction, a homeowner will have to act fast in order to reduce the damage done. Here are some of the things that a homeowner will need to consider when trying to find the right professionals to replace their water heater. Read more…

5 Common Home Repairs and How to Handle Them

September 21, 2015 Guest Post

Your house is your fortress and every now and then your fortress needs repairs. You can call in a professional if you want, but certain mundane tasks can be handled by you. Home repairs are something everyone needs to get used to. Otherwise, you’ll always be relying on someone else to keep your house maintained in proper order. There are many odd jobs around the house that need your attention and it’s time you learnt to deal with them. Here are 5 common home repairs and how you can handle them. Read more…

Is it Time for a New Water Heater (and Other Concerns)?

August 1, 2015 Guest Post

Plumbing concerns are one of the major issues homeowners inevitably face. If you do not have much plumbing experience, things like a leaking water heater can become a major concern.

Is it Time for a New Water Heater (and Other Concerns)?
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