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Casual and Comfortable Beach House by Base Architecture

July 8, 2015 Beach House Design

Description of SheOak :
Aptly named the “beach shack”, this black box sits within the Casuarina estate on a beach-front lot. The brief was to develop a house that was informal, casual, comfortable and welcoming and most importantly to have a space for the clients quiver of long boards. Surrounded by an eclectic array of houses it became apparent early in the design stage the importance of the surrounds, the environment and the conditions that the house would be subjected to such as wind, salt and sun. The use of galvanised steel and stained ecoply promotes a rawness to the skin that will age gracefully rather than deteriorate like most paint type finishes. Whilst on the inside the material palette is refined yet hard wearing in the form of polished concrete. More detail,,

Miami Beach Townhouse
Fairhall, Beach House Design

Casual and Comfortable Beach House by Base Architecture
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