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Saving Your Back: 5 Office Must-Haves to Keep Your Spine Out of Trouble

September 6, 2015 Guest Post

To put it bluntly- we’ve all become slaves to our cubicles. And in addition to everything else, this lifelong relationship with the work desk has managed to take away any will we may have had left to hit the gym or at least pay some attention to fitness. What we don’t realize is that, in addition to giving us a pot belly, being glued to our chairs could also be proving absolutely lethal for our backs.

We’ve finally reached a point where fitness begins at work. And employers in top companies around the world have now started to sit up and take notice. Spine trouble is, after all, a grave issue. If you’re looking to offer your workplace some respite from that treacherous backache, we give you five things you should first have in place to pull it off.

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