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Installing or Repairing: Which is Better for Your Garage, and Your Home’s Value

August 25, 2016 Home Improvement

If your Atlanta garage door opener doesn’t work ,that’s a relatively easy fix. But if you have bigger garage door issues, you may be wondering whether it would be better to make repairs or just get a brand new garage door. What’s best for your garage as well as how it can affect your home value are factors you might want to consider.
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Helpful Hints for Replacing Your Garage Door

September 19, 2015 Guest Post

Helpful Hints for Replacing Your Garage Door

With seven out of 10 Americans using the garage door as their primary entrance to the house, choosing the correct replacement door is a decision that should be carefully considered. The type of door, the material of the door, the reason for replacement, as well as the cost should all be considered when purchasing a new garage door.

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