Sunday, February 18, 2018

Work Office Settings with Post and Beam from Steelcase

July 30, 2015 Interior Design

Steelcase began in 1912 as The Metal Office Furniture Company in Grand Rapids, Michigan. They have Post and Beam Design for Your office room setting.
Description of Post and Beam :
A dynamic alternative to panel based solutions, Post and Beam is an architectural framework that allows you to configure a range of work environments.
The flexible design of Post and Beam allows for a breadth of work settings within a given space, all of which have the same cohesive architectural look.
Please visit Steelcase site for further information about this Post and Beam.

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Most Cozy and Comfortable Rocking Chair by Kati Meyer-Brühl

July 29, 2015 Chair Design, Furniture

It’s individual of the nearly all comfy and comfortable chairs in the earth! Rocking Chair Lucky by Kati Meyer-Brühl includes many styles, flag and patterns. You can influence back and brazen chatting with your associates and relax. Its flexible design will match whichever progressive interior, it would look significant in a living scope, playroom, student’s monotonous or anywhere in addition you feel like to lay it. You can want from a variety of flag – white, black, purple, red with flower-patterned pattern. An ottoman in the same flag will bring even more comfort. You can take several chairs of numerous flag to come up with a assistant with your associates.

Most Cozy and Comfortable Rocking Chair by Kati Meyer-Brühl
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