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Essentials of Basement Building

July 15, 2015 Guest Post

Basement is an important place of your home. It is good shelter against heat and cold. The basement construction provides the necessary foundation strength to your home to keep it standing.

Types of basement construction:
Mostly three types of basement construction are used known as precast panel, poured concrete and masonry wall. The poured concrete is the famous choice people made. It begins by pouring the footing for the foundation. Then forms are used to hold the concrete wall and before placing the inside of forms the oiling is necessary. It will prevent them from sticking. The poured concrete walls are stronger than other forms. In precast panel the construction method id almost the same as that of poured concrete. The difference is that they are molded away from building site. The prepared walls are then transported and placed on footer. You will need the help of crane to place the walls on footer. The costs will then increase. The masonry wall method is least expensive one. The walls are made up of concrete masonry units (CMU’s) commonly known as cinder blocks. These blocks are of large size and have a hollow interior. The steel rebar and concrete are added to these walls for increasing their durability.

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