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Metal Frame Extendable Dining Table by Ozzio Design Italia

November 22, 2014 Interior Design

Description for sky :
Sky is one of dining table collection from Ozzio Design Italia. Metal frame extendable dining table with aluminium telescopic mechanism, glass top and extension. A perfect mix of contemporary finishes: chromed steel, hi-tech glasses, valuable woods. [ Ozzio Design Italia ]

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Expandable Dining Table Design from Skovby

May 10, 2010 Furniture

This table is quite compact when it is closed, but when it expands it become twice bigger and could give enough places for many persons. The special extension system is very easy to use and allows to save a round shape even in the large version. This round table is available in different kinds of wood finishes and could perfectly decorate any contemporary dining room. For more information about this expandable dining table and other functional models visit Skovby site. [ Via ]

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