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Low Tables Collections from Objeti

September 4, 2015 Furniture

Objeti is a Cleveland based furniture design and manufacturing company, focusing on creating beautiful, honest, functional objects that are environmentally conscious.
Here are some Objeti’s low tables collections :
- Aerialist | Plane Low Table
- Aerialist | Line Low Table
- Aerialist | Point Low Table
The Aerialist Series are a set of versatile coffee tables which, with a turn of a lever, can easily flip to become a cushioned seat, tabletop, or a combination of both. The Point is comprised of 1 rotating top.
Dimensions: Length 18.5″ Width 18.5″ Height 16.5″
Please visit Objeti site for further detail about this Low Tables

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Modern and Minimalist Coffee Table With Book Storage

August 26, 2015 Furniture

Modern and Minimalist Coffee Table With Book Storage

This is not ordinary shaped coffee table, made of soft maple hardwoods and finished in a natural Tunk Oil. This coffee table completed With Book Storage. We can use it as coffee table and others function. With simple shape and small size make this coffee table easy in placement. Enjoy a cup of coffee while reading the newspaper or other job accompanied a cup of coffee. Really fun..
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Stylish Coffe Table With Built-In Vases

July 11, 2015 Furniture

Stylish Coffee Table With Built-In Vases

This one of unusual coffee table by Bas van der Veer design studio. Stylish coffee table with built-in vases, so we do not have to bother looking for the vase to decorate this table. The coffee table is made by covering the small table and the vases with a layer of plastic through thermoforming. Truly creative product. Read more…