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B Chair, Solid Wood Features a Flip-up Seat

November 25, 2015 Furniture

B chair is solid wood features a flip-up seat was created by German designer Konstantin Grcic for Bd Barcelona Design. Chair_B is the extension of last year’s Table_B project. The chair in solid wood features a flip-up seat which allows for horizontal stacking. The underside of the seat is covered with Abet laminate in a range of colours. Sourc Read more…

Cloud Stool by Joon&Jung, Inspired by Flexibility and Softness of the Cloudscape

November 21, 2015 Furniture

Description from Joon&Jung :
All nature is making relation and alive in everyday. It creates a constant surprising composition of shape and color. Mankind is individual, but sharing the common senses with group, and it makes them unique and unified. Cloud Stool is inspired by the flexibility and softness of the cloudscape. It can be singular or become a group as a human being. It gives the illusion that it’s alive, by using irregularity, flexibility and subtle differences in tone of perception. Conclusively, the form interacts between objects, and people could explore with it.

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Stylish Curved Chair Design Made Of Bent Plywood And Leather

October 18, 2015 Furniture

Stylish Curved Chair Design Made Of Bent Plywood And Leather

This chair was designed by an Industrial Design student of the University of Cincinnati. The chair has stylish design, made of made of bent plywood, White Oak veneer, and leather. Bent plywood and the design make this chair look stylish, leather has characteristic easy in cleaning from dirty. Truly modern and stylish chair. Are you interested with this chair? Read more…

Stylish Relax Chair Design

October 2, 2015 Chair Design, Furniture

Eli Fly Chair is a wonderful lounger in the affect of the epistle S by designer Jai Jalan. It’s made of high-density polyurethane and finished in glossy lacquered, it’s unfilled in pristine white or jet black.

Stylish relax chair design

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Spring Steel Relaxing Chair, Comfortable and Versatile Chair

September 13, 2015 Furniture, Interior Design

If you are search ideas to make your time more relax when talking with family, or enjoy free time to relax. You can choose this chair, comfortable and versatile chair made of recycled boat sails. Check below,,

Spring Steel Relaxing Chair, Comfortable and Versatile Chair
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