Sunday, February 25, 2018

Beautiful Beach Villa with Amazing Romantic views of Pacific Ocean

October 4, 2015 Beach House Design

With views of the vast blue sea, and the cool air makes this villa is perfect for enjoying a weekend or holiday. This beautiful beach villa is part of Banyan Tree Cabo Marqués resort in Mexico. Amazing romantic views of Acapulco Bay and the Pacific Ocean can be find in this villa. Designed with a distinctively Asian flavor, with steeply pitched roofs, wide eaves, and the entire villa built on stilts. Cutting edge pool is located on a airy terrace which also features all these amazing views. Floor to ceiling windows also captures a lot of natural light so it’s ok that interior is done with using of dark colors. Click here for book it. Via

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Beautiful Beach Villa in British West Indies, Luxury Villa for Comfort Living

August 16, 2015 Beach House Design

This beautiful beach villa with private infinity pool and marbled floor. With beautiful beach and sea view, this villa offer comfort living. Located on the coast of the British West Indies, a collection of stunning homes are located over 35 beautiful acres of land, spanning approximately one mile of exclusive beach frontage.

Beautiful Beach Villa with Private Infinity Pool and Marbled Floors
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