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Do The Foundations in Your Home Need Repairing?

February 5, 2016 Guest Post

If you’re not sure what it is that you’re looking for, knowing when your home foundations are in need of repairs can be quite tricky. Foundations are designed to be strong and stable, and if you’re lucky, you may never need to get your home foundations worked on or repaired. However, some are weaker than others, or other elements could contribute to the deterioration of your foundations. Making sure that you know the small tell-tale signs to help you get any foundation problems seen to as soon as possible is vital, so we’ve listed a few of the big ones for you here.

Do The Foundations in Your Home Need Repairing?

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How to Integrate Ergonomics in Workspace Furnishing

January 27, 2016 Guest Post

Ergonomics is an important factor to consider when designing or furnishing workspaces. Considering ergonomic designing can impact productivity of workers in an organisation by reducing physical discomfort and making their job easier (OSHA, Prevention of Musculoskeletal Disorders). Nowadays, many organisations make sure to implement worker-friendly ergonomic designsin order to create a comfortable and healthy work environment for their employees.

There are several ways in which companies can integrate ergonomics in their workplace furnishing. Some of these ways are listed below: Read more…

Modern House Design by Maddison Architects

January 15, 2016 Modern House Design

Here are pictures of Modern House with two separate look building. Designed by Maddison Architects. The first building designed in flying style. Minimalist terrace with swimming pool at the ground of flying box. The black zinc-clad flying box containing living, kitchen and outdoors spaces, and cantilevers out beyond its ground floor. Second box building structure is for private space, such as sleeping and bathing. [ Via ]

Modern House Design

Modern House Design
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Summer House on Lake Michigan by Wheeler Kearns Architects

January 14, 2016 Contemporary House Design, Summer House Design

Designed by Wheeler Kearns Architects, fulfill the desire of a Chicago family of six for this summer home on Lake Michigan.
The open kitchen, the heart of this residence, it is possible to partake in most of the activity of the first floor with views to the pool, yard and lake as well. Family bedrooms are located off a shared open corridor on the second floor and each bedroom has its own large bank of windows. The Master and Guest bedrooms have cathedral ceilings and a balcony to maximize access to natural light with private views to the lake and landscape. The exterior materials include limestone, cedar and lead coated copper, selected for their longevity and low maintenance characteristics as well as their beauty. The interior materials include hand scrapped oak floors, stone, tile and pine siding, selected for their durability and capacity to endure years of use gracefully.

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Modern Family Beach House Design at Miami Suburb of Australia’s Gold Coast

Beach House Design, Modern House Design

This is modern family beach house design at Miami suburb of Australia’s Gold Coast. The front side of the house contains a garage and entry at ground level, a living area on the first floor and a master suite on the second floor. The living area and the master suite both has terraces overlooking the ocean. The back side of the house contains bedrooms and a second living area which opens into the courtyard and pool. Design by BDA Architecture.

Beach House Design, Modern Family Beach House Design, Family Beach House Design

Beach House Design, Modern Family Beach House Design, Family Beach House Design
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