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Redecorating with Stylish Furniture

January 13, 2016 Guest Post

This article is about redecorating using stylish furniture. It discusses ways of getting this kind of furniture and how you can help the environment with your decoration choices both at home and in an office

If you want to be environmentally responsible it can be difficult to know where to look for new furniture and fixtures. You may want wooden living room items but not know where to get them, or contemporary office furniture that looks expensive but fits in a budget and it may seem impossible to find but with a bit of clever searching you will have a gorgeous home and stylish contemporary office furniture with ease.
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Designing a Traditional Bathroom

Guest Post

With so many different types of bathroom décor being popularized over the last couple of decades, it can a little daunting deciding what theme best suits you and your house.

Designing a Traditional Bathroom

For those who’ve chosen a rustic, country house theme, a traditional bathroom comprising of all classic furniture, sanitary ware and décor can perfectly complement the warm, inviting décor adorned throughout your home. Read more…

Ford House, Low Energy Home by Simon Winstaneley Architects

January 12, 2016 Contemporary House Design

Ford house was built with very low energy building clad in black zinc sheeting. The house comprises three distinct elements – main living accommodation, studio/guest wing, and garage. Designed by Simon Winstaneley Architects in contemporary design. The use of black cladding is designed to echo the sheet metal clad agricultural barns nearby and to be visually recessive. Some windows are picked out in strong acid colors to contrast with the black zinc. The house is insulated to Passive House Standards and is heated using geothermal heat pump, solar panels and a whole house heat recovery ventilation system.

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How to Choose the Home Interior Color to Get Comfort Living

Interior Design

How to Choose the Home Interior Color to Get Comfort Living. Through proper color selections will change the psychological in the room. Here the Tricks:

1. Colors for narrow space
In narrow space, bright colors suitable for use on the wall because it will give the impression area. Bright colors make the distance between the walls seem further away from the real.

The white color is the best option, an effect that can approach derived from the color light blue or pale blue. However, it would be optimal, if the bright colors combined with large windows for natural light to enter.

2. Colors for large space
Large space gives the impression of cold and alienated. For that, use dark or warm colors like brown or navy blue. These colors will create an intimate atmosphere that close the gap between the wall and eliminates the cold atmosphere.

How to Choose the Home Interior Color to Get Comfort Living

Fun home interior color

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Modern White Modular House by A-Cero

January 11, 2016 Modern House Design

This modern modular house was presented by A-Cero.
According to the DigsDigs: The show house was opened in Ferrol (La Coruña) for those who want to visit it. The new house features a facade done in combination of black glass with panels of white aluminium composite. It looks as modern and sleek as their previous show house but is more practical. The white gravel extended in the house’s surface accentuates this luminosity sensation. The interior is done in similar to the black modular house but more light and airy because it features even more white surfaces. The house has a 106 square meter area. It includes three bedrooms, two baths, hall, lounge – dining room, laundry room and kitchen. It costs 99.000 euros.

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