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Choose the Right Wardrobe to Maximize Your Bedroom Storage

October 16, 2014 Guest Post

A new wardrobe can solve most of your bedroom storage problems. Whether you need a lot of new storage or just a way to maximize what you have, choosing the right design is the first step in your custom wardrobes makeover. Check out this article courtesy of Sliderobes in Sydney.


Make the Most of Awkward Spaces

If your bedroom doesn’t have much wardrobe or closet space to speak of, you can take advantage of a bare wall or unused alcove to expand your storage. Built in wardrobes designed to fit a space, no matter how small or oddly shaped, maximizes your storage in an attractive way. Nontraditional areas to place your wardrobe include:
? Along a bare wall. Shelves, clothing racks and drawers take up little space along a wall. If you want the storage hidden, sliding or swing-out doors can blend seamlessly into the wall.
? Take advantage of an L-shaped bedroom by turning part of the “L” into a large wardrobe, complete with doors.
? If space is really at a premium, have built-in shelves or drawers installed beneath windows or into a bed platform to create custom wardrobes.
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Four Fantastic Free Interior Design Tools

Guest Post

When it comes time to designing your home, using the right interior design tool will save you time and money. These four programs offer you easy to use tools without having experience using design software. You can choose the room you want to work on and the elements that go into it from paint color, floor finishing, furniture and decor. By not using the right interior design tools ahead of purchasing materials, you can end up with costly mistakes. Here are four free room decorating software design tools to help you find the right-look for your home.
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Villa Bussum, Modern Villa by GROUP A

Modern House Design

Villa Bussum by GROUP A Villa Bussum, Modern Villa by GROUP A

Villa Bussum was designed by GROUP A, situated in a lush, leafy neighbourhood in Bussum; a small town near Amsterdam. According to the GROUP A : ” By using slanting walls and roofs the abstract building volume feels comfortably embedded in the landscape. A cut-out corner facing the street in front of the house, clearly indicates the main entrance. On the eastern side of the villa, a secluded garden and a second entrance can be found. A comfortable porch and a 15 meter wide panorama window face the garden, and double up as a transition between the villa and the garden at the back of the house. Both gardens in front and at the back of the house are linked to each other by a sloping path. This descending path extends itself to underneath the cantilevering villa, thereby providing garden access for the basement floor. ”

Villa Bussum by GROUP A 1 Villa Bussum, Modern Villa by GROUP A
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Creating Functional Kids Study Room with Folding Bed

October 15, 2014 Interior Design

One way to make our kids study room more simple and has a double benefit is by combine the study room equipped with a small bed, for example with folding bed. Folding bed has more advantage than ordinary beds. Besides practical because it can be folded also save space. Not only for our kids, we can apply it to our home office.

Folding Bed and Home Office Photo Creating Functional Kids Study Room with Folding Bed
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Flooring Options for Modern Homes

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If you are making plans to build a new home or if you are going to be remodeling an older one, there are a wide variety of flooring options for you to select from. When you are deciding what type of flooring to choose for your home, you must consider much more than how it looks. While this is obviously an important factor, you need to consider the purpose the room will be used for. For example, a kitchen floor is going to take a pounding because of the high amount of traffic every day. A kitchen floor will also have its share of spills, so it should ideally be a material that is able to be cleaned quickly and easily. You will also need to consider the cost of the floor, if it is comfortable to walk on and if it blends well with all of the surroundings. Here are a few flooring materials as advised by My Floor in Brisbane to consider for a modern home:
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