Tuesday, March 31, 2015

The Significance of Domes

March 23, 2015 Guest Post

The round shaped hollow structure at the top of any architecture is known as a dome. These are structures that have been in use, since the ancient times and can still be seen in different parts of the world.

Though dome structures have been used extensively in all types of architecture, religious structures use them the most. What do you think is the reason behind it? The reason is the foundation of every movement in the universe or in simpler words, energy. Energy forms the base of our existence and is the primary source of our sustenance. Hence, domes are featured by many religious monuments across the world, as they can serve as storehouses of energy.
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3 Ways to Save your Home from Termites

March 22, 2015 Guest Post

The definition of home includes safety, care, love and support. This includes the condition of remaining safe from the pest attacks, which can ruin your daily lives, and even prove a serious danger to your health. The cunning rodents, termites and pests are anxiously waiting to get into your house through their hidden entrance gates like crevasse, ventilators, and wall cracks. When your property becomes a blend of meals, plentiful temperature and full of humidity, then it would be an invitation to this wood destroying termites. And honest to goodness, they are one annoying piece of a vermin.

Save your Home from Termites 3 Ways to Save your Home from Termites

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Eco-Golf House Caesarea Exterior and Interior Design by Studio Aiko

Luxury House Design, Modern House Design

Eco-Golf House Caesarea Exterior and Interior Design by Studio Aiko. This one of project from Studio Aiko, Eco-Golf House Caesarea. This luxury house with the surrounding vegetation.

Eco Golf House Caesarea Exterior Eco Golf House Caesarea Exterior and Interior Design by Studio Aiko

Eco-Golf House Caesarea Exterior

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Searching Luxury Wardrobe Design

Furniture, Interior Design, Wardrobe Design

If you want to design your wardrobe, this post might useful for you. This wardrobe design from Carre, a company based in Barcelona. There are corner wardrobe, stylish wardrobe, red wardrobe, sliding wardrobe, luxury White wardrobe, wood finish wardrobe, hinged door wardrobe, semi transparent wardrobe, beige wardrobe and others. How place the wardrobe in your room, which wardrobe suitable with your room. Check bellow,,

Corner wardrobe stylish wardrobe Searching Luxury Wardrobe Design
Corner wardrobe, stylish wardrobe
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Search Inspiring Home Design

March 21, 2015 Architecture Design, Modern House Design

This home from freshome readers, inspiring home design.
The inspiration and proposal behind the manage without bedroom project came from a strip of Fornasetti wallpaper we had. We framed it in the bathroom and leave it up higher than the bath. Used yellow to add a playful come into contact with. The dark grey walls worked really well as the place is quite not inconsiderable, it really creates such a cheerful,cosy effect in the space. Most items in the bedroom are upcycled pieces. The headboard we found on a dump place, we recently painted it black. The elevation schedule we found in a antique superstore it was a old linen box.The lockers were found in a pawn superstore, we had them powder coated and found the information on them by a car wader vending. Who says you can just have forty winks in the chief bedroom?

Inspiring Home Design Search Inspiring Home Design
Inspiring Home Design
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