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Ten Ways To Improve Your Interior Design At Home

November 21, 2016 Home Improvement

Most people like to change their surroundings from time to time, and that’s why sometimes it’s nice to renovate our home. Changes can be minor like buying a painting or replacing the drawers. However, in many cases people like to make bigger changes in their homes by painting the walls, replacing the furniture or remodeling the whole living space. In this article, we have prepared a few ways to improve your home’s design according to specialists in this industry. Read more…

Installing or Repairing: Which is Better for Your Garage, and Your Home’s Value

August 25, 2016 Home Improvement

If your Atlanta garage door opener doesn’t work ,that’s a relatively easy fix. But if you have bigger garage door issues, you may be wondering whether it would be better to make repairs or just get a brand new garage door. What’s best for your garage as well as how it can affect your home value are factors you might want to consider.
Read more…

7 Tips for Buying the Right Curtains for Your Home

August 10, 2016 Home Improvement

Curtains have the power to transform a room and create a perfect finish. That is why it is important to make sure that you buy the right curtains for your house. Here are some of the top things that recommends you do when choosing curtains.


1.Measure the window
To get the correct measurements, use a tape measure to determine the right width and length of the window. Do not guess the measurements because chances are high that you will get it wrong. The correct way to measure is by measuring the pole where the curtain will hang, don’t measure the window. Then multiply the measurement you get by two. This is to leave room for fabric overlap and hemming. Read more…

The Stylish Home with a Perfect Combination of Tropical and Contemporary Styles

August 8, 2016 Home Design

The Stylish Home with a Perfect Combination of Tropical and Contemporary Styles





Maison Estate is a home that has perfectly mixed the contemporary and tropical styles altogether. This can be seen from both the interior and exterior of the home. At the exterior the Maison Estate which is located in Franschhoek in Huguenots, South Africa has a very wide front yard with green lawns and some big trees and surely it creates a strong tropical look. Read more…

4 Design Ideas for Your Conservatory Furniture

July 12, 2016 Guest Post, Home Improvement

The demand for conservatories and orangeries has never been as high as it is now due to the much-loved rise of social media. As these spaces are additional rooms in one’s home, it gives a person the wonderful opportunity to get creative! The space can be the perfect place to socialise with family and friends as well as being that place that you can escape to, to find some peace and quiet from the busy household! A conservatory is now the room that you add some flair to, making it the showcase, stylishly designed place in your house that you’re proud to show off. Read more…

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