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Rooftop Apartment, Elegant Apartment in Berlin-Charlottenburg

August 4, 2014 Apartment

Rooftop Apartment Rooftop Apartment, Elegant Apartment in Berlin Charlottenburg

This Elegant Apartment is located in Berlin-Charlottenburg, near Spree river. Rooftop Apartment the loft was completely redesigned by Iris Steinbeck Architekten. For further detail visit Steinbeck Architekten site. Via

Rooftop Apartment 2 Rooftop Apartment, Elegant Apartment in Berlin Charlottenburg
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Layer Residence by Schola Architecture

Modern House Design

Description of Layer Residence from Schola Architecture :
The existing home is part of a standard San Clemente neighborhood developed in the 50′s. Our design direction was to provide a studio and garage addition as well as provide exterior living spaces to blur the line between indoor and outdoor living. Our design strategy converted the enlarged garage roof into a roof deck. The new studio addition was designed with a roof deck as well and provided some much needed outdoor living space at the upper level of the existing home. In addition, by placing the new studio lengthwise along a new semi-private courtyard was formed at the ground level. The new studio faces the courtyard with sliding glass doors and a concrete floor allowing this space to flow out seamlessly to the exterior courtyard. The cantilevering roof deck of the studio provides a view out the ocean around their neighbor, as well as hovering over the new entryway to the home. Cantilevering off of the exposed CMU wall, supporting the studio roof deck, is a steel stair that directs visitors to the upper level and to the entrance of the home.

Layer Residence by Schola Architecture Layer Residence by Schola Architecture
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Spalding Gardening Calendar Brought to you by Spalding Bulb

August 3, 2014 Guest Post

Many aspects of gardening can seem very overwhelming. Particularly organising what can and cannot be done throughout the year, and fine tuning for disasters. Spalding Bulb have developed this interesting infographic to aid your scheduling for the upcoming year, with tips and tricks for each month!
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Saving Your Back: 5 Office Must-Haves to Keep Your Spine Out of Trouble

Guest Post

To put it bluntly- we’ve all become slaves to our cubicles. And in addition to everything else, this lifelong relationship with the work desk has managed to take away any will we may have had left to hit the gym or at least pay some attention to fitness. What we don’t realize is that, in addition to giving us a pot belly, being glued to our chairs could also be proving absolutely lethal for our backs.

We’ve finally reached a point where fitness begins at work. And employers in top companies around the world have now started to sit up and take notice. Spine trouble is, after all, a grave issue. If you’re looking to offer your workplace some respite from that treacherous backache, we give you five things you should first have in place to pull it off.

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Look for wall art prints that can change your bedroom atmosphere

August 2, 2014 Guest Post

There are varieties of wall art available in the market. You have the option of choosing from the acrylic, framed, stretched prints in order to enhance the interior of your bedroom. You can easily choose any kind of frame and your first stage will always remain the same. You have to upload the photo on website and then edit it while changing the color of background and also have the opportunity of adding text in order to make it unique.

Look for wall art prints that can change your bedroom atmosphere Look for wall art prints that can change your bedroom atmosphere

Types of wall art prints
•Stretched wall art printing: It is the type where the canvas can get stretched around the wooden frame. It is ready to be displayed on the wall. They are available in various sizes and shapes.
•Framed wall art prints: It is quite different from the previous one and it demand the addition of some additional step. There is the availability of some shadow box frames that offers different colors to customers. They are also available in various sizes and you can choose the space depending on needs.
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