Thursday, July 24, 2014

Give Your kitchen A Facelift By Painting Your Kitchen Cabinetry

July 2, 2014 Guest Post

If you’re fed up with your existing kitchen but can’t afford a brand new one then why not bring it into the 21st century by repainting your kitchen cabinets. With a couple of pots of paint and a few accessories you’ll have yourself a great looking kitchen that’s both inexpensive and simple too. Here’s what you’ll need to know.
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Choosing Home Siding Made Easy

July 1, 2014 Guest Post

There are several variables to consider when you are choosing a new siding for your home: price, installation, water-resistance, energy efficiency, appearance, and durability. The best siding for your home depends greatly on where you live and what your preferences are. However, choosing siding for your home does not have to be a difficult task. Below is an overview of the different types of siding you may consider for your home.

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The magic of leather in your home

Guest Post

Decorating with leather is by no means a new phenomenon. Leather work is one of the oldest crafts known to mankind and ever since hides became available for domestic use, we’ve been using them in our homes. There’s just something about the look, smell and feel of leather which brings a timeless, opulent feel to any room in your home.

A design classic
Invest in a statement piece of leather furniture, and you know you will still love it for years to come. Leather, more than any other fabric we use in our home, stands the test of time. Like a fine wine, leather furniture simply gets better with age – each new crease or change in colour signifying a history of use. A leather Chesterfield sofa or leather bedstead look stunning no matter how many times we change our interior design scheme around them.
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Interior Design by Tom Bombford Studio, Provide New Family Room, Kitchen and Dining Area

June 30, 2014 Interior Design

Description from architects:
Alterations carried out to a Federation bungalow to provide a new Family Room, Kitchen and Dining Area. Extensions and building envelop performance were tightly controlled to keep within the limits of the exiting air conditioning system.
Full width aluminium sliding doors were positioned along the back wall incorporating high performance glass. A significant design element is the use of the hanging corner making the building more open and giving a better connection to outside. The verandah was extended to match and large rainwater storage tanks positioned below. Designed by Tom Bombford Studio.

Interior Design by Tom Bombford Studio Interior Design by Tom Bombford Studio, Provide New Family Room, Kitchen and Dining Area
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Make your living room cosy

Guest Post

When the winter season approaches, there’s nothing better than coming home after a long day at work to a cosy living room, where you can relax and unwind from the long day.

Trying to create a living room that’s cosy can be a difficult task, especially if the room you are working with large, has high ceilings or lots of windows.

To help you make your living room a cosy place to come home to each night, here are some top tips to help get you started.
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