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Essentials of Basement Building

July 15, 2015 Guest Post

Basement is an important place of your home. It is good shelter against heat and cold. The basement construction provides the necessary foundation strength to your home to keep it standing.

Types of basement construction:
Mostly three types of basement construction are used known as precast panel, poured concrete and masonry wall. The poured concrete is the famous choice people made. It begins by pouring the footing for the foundation. Then forms are used to hold the concrete wall and before placing the inside of forms the oiling is necessary. It will prevent them from sticking. The poured concrete walls are stronger than other forms. In precast panel the construction method id almost the same as that of poured concrete. The difference is that they are molded away from building site. The prepared walls are then transported and placed on footer. You will need the help of crane to place the walls on footer. The costs will then increase. The masonry wall method is least expensive one. The walls are made up of concrete masonry units (CMU’s) commonly known as cinder blocks. These blocks are of large size and have a hollow interior. The steel rebar and concrete are added to these walls for increasing their durability.

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R R House, Summer House by Andrade Morettin Architects

July 14, 2015 Summer House Design

R R House, is a summer house in  Sao Paulo was designed by Andrade Morettin Architects.
This Summer house is situated only a fey meters from the sea, on the north coast of the State of Sao Paulo, a place with exuberant vegetation and hot humid climate.

The project was begun with the idea of a big shelter, a “shell”, under which the actual living spaces would be located, protected from the intense sun and the frequents rains, however without blocking the permanent natural cross ventilation.

This roof at a height of six meters, with a surface of eighteen by eight meters, was built using a pre-fabricated timber structure with galvanized steel joints. The lateral and top faces are made of steel cladding with eps filling.
Please visit Andrade Morettin Architects for further detail.

R R House by Andrade Morettin Architects R R House, Summer House by Andrade Morettin Architects
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4 Changes To Make To Your Home For The Winter Season

Guest Post

Preparing your home for the winter season is a very important thing to do. During winter people often spend far more time indoors then they do at other times of the year. Fortunately, there are easy ways to make your home feel cozy, warm and inviting even when a severe three day blizzard is pushing several feet of snow right outside your windows.

4 Changes To Make You Your Home For The Winter Season 4 Changes To Make To Your Home For The Winter Season
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Should You Hire a Locksmith in Montreal to Rekey Your House?

Guest Post

When it comes to protecting your home in Montreal, one of the first lines of defense is the door lock that is in place. However, this defense is not extremely reliable if you are not sure who may have keys to the lock.
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5 Ideas to Keep your Patio Looking Its Best

July 13, 2015 Guest Post

Your outdoor patio is an excellent place for you and your family to relax and unwind in the fresh outdoor air. To keep your patio looking its best, you need to perform regular maintenance and look for ways to continually increase its functionality. If you have not made any changes to your patio in the last several years, consider the ideas below.

Patio Remodel1 5 Ideas to Keep your Patio Looking Its Best
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